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Amanda Not Rocked by Exit: "I Had a Different Agenda"

Former American Idol hopeful Amanda Overmyer by Frank Micelotta/Fox

If you're looking for Amanda Overmyer to sing a sad song over her elimination from American Idol, get in line with the patient bunch waiting for the gal to serve up a power ballad. Speaking to reporters the day after her dismissal, Amanda acknowledged that Idol "benefits anybody with any kind of distinction because it gives us that platform to start from and get... the biggest exposure we could ever get." But when it comes to making a legit run for the crown, "You have to look at the demographics of the voters and the people watching American Idol versus the demographics of your particular genre. I know that I target an older audience and a different audience maybe than American Idol provides." Still, Amanda was thrilled to see the support she got from those who did stand by her. "With someone like me, who is completely different [and] cut out of a different mold from everyone else in the competition, I found that very warming," she said. So, why didn't the rocker nurse zig when th... read more

Season 7 Idol Mentors Are Announced

American Idol's top 10 by Frank Micelotta/Fox

Finally, watching the tedious results show paid off! Ryan Seacrest announced last night that the (thank goodness only) four mentors for the top 10 will be Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil "Sweet Caroline" Diamond. Each mentor will help the remaining finalists prepare for their Tuesday-night performances and will perform themselves on the Wednesday-night results show. One can only guess what the themes will be with this eclectic group. Dolly could be tapped for a country night, Mariah could do either a Billboard 100 or an R&B night, Andrew Lloyd Webber must be coaching on musical-theater numbers, and Neil Diamond should totally do a karaoke-favorites night... because let's face it, every time I go to a karaoke bar, at least two or three people sing Neil Diamond songs. Great, now I have "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head. Specific dates for the mentors will be released at a later time, so in the meantime, brush up on your favorite Dolly, Mariah, Webber and D... read more

The Top 10: Who's Your Idol Now?

The following contains an elimination spoiler from Wednesday night's American Idol.Talk about choosing the lesser of too much Beatles. Following one of the more groan-inducing Idol performance nights, "America voted!" (as they say) and told not Kristy Lee but Amanda to just let it be. That leaves us now with five girls and five guys, and hopefully no more bright ideas to milk an obviously pricey songbook for two weeks straight.Who's your current favorite to emerge at season's end as your American Idol? Did David A. cinch his way back to the top spot? Did Syesha merely buy herself another week? Is there any long-shot chance that the Power Rankings' new No. 1 will be a fresh face? The time to vote is... now.Related:• Read our in-depth recap of every Idol outing! read more

Ellen DeGeneres Is Back to Help Idol Give Back

Ellen DeGeneres by Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Fox announced today that Ellen DeGeneres will join Ryan Seacrest once again to host the popular Idol Gives Back charity show. DeGeneres and Seacrest will host from the Kodak Theatre on Wednesday, April 9 (7:30 pm/ET), to air on Fox.But of course we're all dying to know is who will be at the benefit. Ready for this list? Joining the show to raise awareness and funds to benefit various U.S. and international charities will be Maroon 5, Heart, Gloria Estefan, Boyz II Men and the Clark Brothers. Those bands will "join previously announced international talent and sports figures including Bono, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Fergie, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Annie Lennox, John Legend and Snoop Dogg," according to Fox. That's right: Snoop will be in 'da house! Are you excited that Ellen will be hosting again? Which band/celeb are you most excited to watch? —Erin FoxRelated:• Miss last night's episode? Read our in-dep... read more

Danny Noriega Takes a Rosie Vacation

Danny Noriega courtesy Fox

Following Rosie O'Donnell's heartfelt offer to Danny Noriega in a video on her blog, the American Idol castoff took her up on it, when he sailed away over the weekend to exotic ports.After Noriega was booted from the top 16 on the show, O'Donnell publicly extended the offer to him, calling him a "bold" and "beautiful" young man. But despite the buzz her blog posting got, there was no official yay or nay from the singer himself... until now.In a March 15 post called "Bon Voyage," Rosie and Danny meet as he departs for an R Family Vacation, and the two enjoy a little lovefest of mutual adoration before he ostensibly sails off (watch the clip here). So what's the future of this relationship? (Danny doing guest blog appearances with Ro? An R Family music label, filled with the young dreamers she admires?) Let me know what you envision. — Anna DimondRelated:• Rosie Makes "Bold, Brave, Beautiful" Danny an Offer read more

Top 11 Idol Power Rankings: A New David Is King

For the first time this season, a fella other that David A. tops the Idol Power Rankings, as determined by reader votes.Fueled by his compelling performance last week, David Cook claimed an early lead and despite a late surge by Archie, emerged on top with 28 percent of the vote.Elsewhere, the girls made a much better showing this week. While the top 12 had no femme finishing higher than No. 5, this week ladies claimed the 3 and 4 spots.Without further ado, the latest tally:Top 11 Power Rankings28.0% David Cook24.6% David Archuleta14.9% Brooke White11.9% Carly Smithson8.9% Jason Castro5.6% Michael Johns1.6% Amanda Overmyer1.4% Chikezie1.4% Ramiele Malubay1.0% Kristy Lee Cook0.6% Syesha Mercado Biggest Riser: Amanda, up three spotsBiggest Slider: Jason, down three spotsWhat is your take on the latest numbers? Does Syesha have it in her to pull a Chikezie and save her backside from the fire? read more

Idol's David H.: Song Choice Was Worse Than Stripper Past

David Hernandez performing on American Idol by Ray Mickshaw/

Idol's latest castoff David Hernandez believes it was his song choice and not his past as a stripper in a gay club that cost him his spot in the top 12. Hernandez said his elimination was "based on song selection" and added, "I think America's smart enough to know by now that people's personal lives should not influence their musical career." Even though the judges didn't like his performance of "I Saw Her Standing There," which most likely had a large hand in David H. getting the boot, he defended his performance, saying, "I was very happy with my stage presence."When asked about the media attention he received during his stripper scandal, Hernandez said his fellow contestants encouraged him to stay away from TV and the Internet. He added, "The media can be vicious sometimes." However, the singer says that adversity is his best friend and, "If this is the worst thing that comes out of my career, then I'm pretty set to go."Do you think David H.'s song choice was the reason he got th... read more

Did David A.'s Stage Dad Cause Him to Stumble?

David Archuleta performing on American Idol by Ray Mickshaw/

As if the poor kid doesn’t have enough pressure on him what with his early emergence as a front-runner, now it seems that David Archuleta's father may have been behind his shaky and uncharacteristically lackluster performance on Tuesday night. Apparently, like many kids in showbiz, David has quite the stage dad. According to ET Online, Jeff Archuleta yelled at his son during a recording session leading up to the performance show. Furthermore, "Dad wasn't happy with his singing — and even brought him to tears." You'd think the problem in a competition like this would be the contestants trying to psych each other out. But having your dad mess with your head? Not cool. Apparently, this isn't the first time Papa Archie got his pants in a knot. There are reports that he was banned from the set of Star Search when David appeared on the show, for allegedly intimidating his then-12-year-old son. Yikes. Secretly, I kind of want to put him and Simon in a room together and let the f... read more

The Top 11: Who's Your Idol Now?

Brooke White on American Idol by Frank Micelotta/Fox

The following contains a spoiler about Wednesday night's results show.This week on Idol, the game changed. What was (sadly) shaping up to be a predictable Season 7 turned in new and exciting directions, as Chikezie reversed his downward spiral, middle-of-the-packers like Jason and David Cook showed us something new, and David A... well, he proved himself to be a mere mortal. The ladies didn't get shaken up as much, though Syesha is in dire need of her own turnaround tune, while Amanda and Brooke could still benefit from breaking out of their respective boxes.At the end of the day (meaning, Wednesday night), Idol's top 12 was stripped of David Hernandez, who on Tuesday proved to be just OK — which we kind of always knew.Now that we're down to 11, who is your current pick to win? Vote here, and on Monday we'll see how the Power Rankings got shaken up!Related:• American Idol Power Rankings: The Top 12 read more

Watch Video: David Archuleta Can't "Work it Out"

What a night! While Chikezie came out of left field and completely rocked the house, the (almost) infallible child prodigy of the bunch, David Archuleta crashed and burned (and it wasn’t pretty to watch). Right off the bat, David A. forgot a portion of his lyrics to the Beatles’ hit “We Can Work It Out,” and it was all down hill from there. We’re fairly confident he’ll make it to next round but our question is, "Will he be able to bounce back and reclaim his former glory?" Related video links• David Hernadez’s Pre-Idol Foursome?• Kristy Lee Cook Dabbled in Seductive Commercials?• Watch Idol clips using our Online Video Guide. read more

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