The following contains spoiler information from American Idol's Wednesday night results show.

This is, I believe, the most interesting outcome this week could have offered. By removing Jason from the equation, the question becomes: To which remaining finalist will his votes go? Because all along, Jase's fans have had the chance to back either of the Davids, if supporting cute boys was simply their thing, and yet they did not. Instead, they saw something more, something special in their favorite. Who that's left standing will now earn their support?

All we can do to get anywhere close to predicting the next turn in the tide is ask the weekly question: Who's your Idol now? Vote here. The new Power Rankings come out Monday morning. And then next Wednesday, America names our finalists.

PS. Got a question for Jason? Share it in comments and I may run it by him when he comes by for his video interview. - Matt Mitovich

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