"The Long and Winding Road" led David Archuleta back to the No. 1 spot in TVGuide.com's American Idol Power Rankings this week, as the lad bounced back from his setback and reminded the audience of his pure pipes. Still in the running, though, is last week's chart-topper, David Cook, who is just five percentage points behind.

Staying put in the No. 3 and 4 slots are Brooke White and Carly Smithson. The rest of the gals, meanwhile, are in a three-way tie for seventh place. Only Chikezie fared worse this week, returning to the cellar with less than one percent of your vote.

The Top 10 Power Rankings
31.3% David Archuleta
26.3% David Cook
12.7% Brooke White
11.9% Carly Smithson
8.1% Jason Castro
5.1% Michael Johns
1.2% Kristy Lee Cook
1.2% Ramiele Malubay
1.2% Syesha Mercado
0.9% Chikezie

Biggest Riser: Kristy Lee, up three spots
Biggest Slider: Chikezie, from eighth to last

What is your take on the latest rankings? Does a girl still stand a chance of winning this thing? Has Chikezie's bag of tricks run empty?