Usain Bolt

Fans of sports magazine shows get a double bonus Tuesday night with the return of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel and a new episode of ESPN's year-old E: 60. On Real Sports (10 pm/ET, HBO), Gumbel travels to Jamaica to interview Olympic gold-medal-winning sprinter Usain Bolt. Though the world-record speedster isn't a big talker, the piece offers a nice snapshot of his life both before and after the Beijing Games. Bolt tells Gumbel that he's "a simple guy," but he also has no regrets for his now famous over-the-top posing and celebrating at the track: "I'm giving [fans] a reason to come back," he says with a smile that could charm even the most militant cynic. And as for questions about the possibility of performance-enhancing drug use, most notably raised by Olympic icon Carl Lewis, Bolt says, "you can't be stressing over what people say."

Also on Real Sports is a profile of Dr. James Andrews, a surgeon who has successfully repaired injuries for Charles Barkley, Roger Clemens and Drew Brees, who has reinvented himself as quarterback for the New Orleans Saints following Andrews' successful shoulder surgery. More impressive, Andrews is actually the team doctor for both the Auburn and Alabama football teams! There's also a piece on the Angola Prison Rodeo, which aims to offer redemption to murderers and rapists through participation in the dangerous sport, and a report on drug use in horse racing.

Earlier in the evening on E: 60 (7 pm/ET, ESPN) segments include a profile of NBA star Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets and a look at Major League Eating, a competitive eating circuit.