Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless

This has gotta be some sort of TV record. On the Nov. 25 episode of The Young and the Restless, Paul (Doug Davidson) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) will have sex—three decades after the characters last did the deed! The surprise recoupling happens when Paul offers Nikki a place to stay while she copes with the death of her best friend, Kay (Jeanne Cooper), and recovers from her abusive relationship with Victor (Eric Braeden). They begin to reminisce about the past and end up in the sack.

"It's love in the purest sense," Davidson explains. "They've been friends for 30 years and are supporting each other in the most intimate way possible. They do not judge the rightness or wrongness of their actions, nor do they want to tell anyone about it. They know their kids probably won't understand."

Davidson, one of daytime's best yet most underrated actors, is also celebrating 30 years on Y&R. (Scott, who wasn't the original Nikki, hits that mark next year.) "If you'd told me back in 1978 that I'd still be doing this 30 years later, I would have freaked," he says. "But it's been great. And, now that I'm looking back from middle age, I wouldn't change a thing."