Andrea Evans, One Life to Live

But Andrea Evans will. Six months after her celebrated return to her old stomping grounds, Andrea Evans is calling an end to her cross-country commute and ending her One Life to Live encore.

"There was always an understanding that it would be short-term," the daytime vet tells "I didn't know how this was going to affect my own personal life with having to do so much traveling, and I'm in a situation where I can't relocate."

Evans' last air date is Nov. 25, meaning Tina won't be around to share turkey and stuffing with her Llanview kin.

"ABC and One Life to Live were thrilled to have Andrea Evans reprise the role of Tina Lord after 18 years," executive producer Frank Valentini says in a statement.  "Her return was made possible with the understanding that it would be short-term as Ms. Evans' life, family and home are on the West Coast."

Should Evans ever get bicoastal-curious again, the doors to Llanfair will be left open. "The character of Tina is a very important part of the OLTL canvas," says Valentini. "[If] there is an opportunity to have her — Tina and Andrea — return at a future date, the show would be happy to explore it."