In this special video made available to, Guiding Light vet Ron Raines, who plays Alan Spaulding, shares his thoughts on Grant Aleksander's Feb. 9 return to the show as Phillip Spaulding. Phillip, Alan's son, died in November 2004, only to have it be revealed not long after that he was, in fact, alive ... somewhere.

"I am absolutely thrilled to have my friend Grant Aleksander back in Springfield," Raines says. "I think the story is going to be terrific and very exciting for the fans. There are a lot of surprises — even some that I don't know!"

But will Alan share his portrayer's enthusiasm? "Is Alan to happy to have Phillip back? That's another story," Raines teases. "He doesn't know if his son is going to be an ally ... or an obstacle." Watch the whole video below.

P.S. Got questions for Grant Aleksander or Beth Chamberlin (Beth)? They're both coming by for a video Q&A, maybe we'll get some answers for you!