John Reilly, Sharon Wyatt Anthony Geary, and Tristan Rogers

Complications from his latest colon surgery, coupled with the existing trauma caused by chemotherapy, soon will send General Hospital: Night Shift's Robert Scorpio into a coma. As things look dire, the resilient former superspy is visited on the SOAPnet spin-off's Oct. 14 season finale by a bevy of old buds, Luke (Tony Geary), Anna (Finola Hughes) and kid brother Mac (John J. York) included. welcomed the opportunity to also "catch up" with two of Robbie's visitors, John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt, who back in GH's globe-trotting days plays former WSB boss Sean Donnelly and his starlet-turned-newswoman wife, Tiffany. Set it up for us: What brings Sean and Tiffany back?
Wyatt: It's a dream sequence, because Robert's in a coma. We're an important part of his past that's trying to snap him out of it.
Reilly: Robert's in terrible shape. Have the two of you stayed in touch over the years?
Reilly: Oh yeah. My wife and Sharon are like sisters. So that's nice — I've got two blondes! Does the dream sequence afford us any update on what Sean and Tiff have been up to?
Wyatt: We're in Boston. I'm a national news correspondent now, and Sean is the police chief. When ABC first approached you with this, were you at all surprised to hear there was a nighttime GH spin-off?
Wyatt: I knew about it, and I had watched Tris on it. He's just brilliant. He gave so much in the scenes we had with him. It's very poignant.
Reilly: I didn't realize [there was a spin-off] until I head that Tristan was doing it. And of course, [GH: NS boss] Lisa [De Cazotte]  was the exec producer at Passions, where I played the most evil man in the world. Alistar Crane was a juicy role.
Reilly: You get to speak what other people only think of saying. [Laughs] Was jumping back into your GH roles like slipping on a comfortable shoe?
Reilly: It was. I played Sean for 11 1/2 years. In fact, when Gloria [Monty] came to me about GH, I helped name the character. Sean in Gaelic is John.
Wyatt: It was very comfortable and familiar, especially since John and I come back in the '80s [versions of Sean and Tiffany]. That's how Scorpio remembers us best. So I've got the blonde hairdo and the lashes and the padded shoulders.... [Laughs] John, was Sean conceived as a long-term character, or was he originally intended as simply a double-agent bad guy?
Reilly: Gloria liked Sean very much, so she always had plans for him. That's why she wouldn't let him get involved with a woman for a long time. Sharon, was it scary at all being introduced in the midst of the Luke-and-Laura hoopla?
Wyatt: Yeah, it was! But only because Gloria scared the daylights out of me! I was drinking a bottle of Pepto Bismol every day on the set. She was a very strong woman. I'm looking at a photo of all of you on Night Shift, and the set is actually Robert's old house. That had to be a blast from the past.
Reilly: I said to Tristan, "This [set] used to be my penthouse" and he said, "No, no, this is my townhouse!" [Laughs] Tristan was great, and Tony, Johnny York..... Kimberly, I worked with when she was 6 1/2 years old! It was like old home week.
Wyatt: And they have flashbacks of scenes that John and Tony did with Tris. It was fabulous to be back home. I wish they had had the one of when Tris and I first met [as Robert and Tiffany]. But that was back in '81 and they probably couldn't find it! Does it blow you away to reflect on all the adventures your characters used to go on?
Reilly: Yeah, it was exciting. We went to Canada, Texas.... We did the whole United States. Do you have a favorite location shoot?
Reilly: The one that introduced me to GH. That was in Texas, at the Alamo.
Wyatt: Probably South Dakota. That was insanity — we had 79 scenes to do, and we did it in a day-and-a-half. But it was a lot of fun. We had a concert, a train chase, car chases, we went down in caves.... Tiffany was the comic relief at that time. John, Finola once told me about a scene where you were firing a gun but kept mouthing the, "Bang, bang!" -- on camera.
Reilly: [Laughs] That's when we were in Palm Springs, taking the tram to the top of the mountain. I was shooting at Robert and he was shooting at me, and when we start filming, I'm going [Makes gun noises]. The director goes, "Whoa, whoa! Wait! What are you doing, John?" I said, "Well, you told me to go [Gun noises]. I thought it was weird direction, but...." [Laughs] We all laughed. Does anything about your appearance in Robert's coma preclude you from returning for real?
Wyatt: I would love it. It seems like we never left.
Reilly: When they contacted me, I was all for it, because I hadn't worked with these people in about 15 years. It was just a treat to go into his townhouse and do it again. I never had such a great time in my life acting as I did in the one episode we did. It was a joy. We've always liked each other, so we had  fun. You must have been like, "Hey, give the seven of us our own spin-off!"
Reilly: Absolutely!