Catherine Hickland

Catherine Hickland has been through so many failed marriages and painful relationships that she could write a book. And so she did. The actress, who plays One Life to Live's nutsy heroine Lindsay Rappaport, will hit the market Dec. 30 with her self-empowerment guide, The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure: Getting Over Him and Back Out There One Month From Today (available for pre-order at

"By getting 'back out there,' I don't necessarily mean in the dating world, though that's fine if that's your goal," notes Hickland. "In 30 days I will have you back out there really living in the world without the anger and blame that can keep you prisoner in a bad relationship years after it's over. You will be able to put down your emotional baggage and be free."

She's talking from experience. "I've made so many poor choices in my life, but I've learned something from all of them," says Hickland, who has been wed three times-twice famously. Hubby No. 2 was David Hasselhoff. No. 3 was All My Children Emmy winner Michael E. Knight (Tad). They separated in 2005 after 16 years.

"We are not officially divorced, but it's just a technicality-in our minds, we are divorced; we just haven't done the paperwork," she says. "When Michael and I split up, I wanted to do it with as much love, dignity and honor as we could. It's been an awesome experience, because he's turned out to be the best friend I've ever had, and he'd say the same thing about me."

Things did not end so well with Hasselhoff. In the book, Hickland describes their 1980s union as "a sick kind of love" but casts no blame. "It was my decision to marry David, and I take full responsibility for my share of the disaster it became," she says. "I grew up surrounded by chaos and dysfunction, and I'd simply re-created it."

There'll be no more of that! Hickland's Heartbreak Cure is a funny yet no-nonsense workbook for the love-damaged, with day-by-day activities and assignments she insists be followed for one full month. "I couldn't have written it until now," Hickland says, "but it's the healing calendar I wish I'd had a long time ago."