Susan Flannery, John McCook and, Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Forrester has a problem. His wife won't give him up. And neither will his other wife. Played on The Bold and the Beautiful by John McCook, the Calvin Klein-like fashion designer recently came out of a coma to find his estranged spouse, Donna (Jennifer Gareis), in a battle royal with Stephanie (Susan Flannery), to whom he's been married three times. Nothing new there — they've been fighting over him for months —but now both gals want to live with Eric in the Forrester mansion and are forcing him to choose between them. So, on Nov. 5, he decides that all three will live together.

 "It's a rather medieval way to handle the problem — and someone is sure to wind up in the tower — but it's the best Eric can do at the moment," McCook says. "He's got a business to run. The economy is crazy. His children are all fighting. He doesn't know what else to do. He loves both women — for completely different reasons — so he thinks the way to solve the situation is for them to play Jack, Chrissy and Janet."

McCook should be quite comfy in that scenario, since he appeared on Three's Company three times. "I always played a different character, but I was always some kind of a--hole womanizer," he recalls. "In one episode, John Ritter punched me and I went over a couch. In another, I punched him and he went over a couch."

B&B might get just as goofy. In one scene, Donna attempts to climb into bed with Eric only to find Stephanie under the sheets instead. "We're not doing a situation comedy," McCook insists, "but it's definitely a situation."

One that Eric is sure to regret.