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Dear Soaps, Dear Reiner, On Y&R,...

Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner,
On Y&R, how did Jill's father, William Foster, die?
— Lindsey

Dear Lindsey,
In 1976, Bill Foster, battling lung cancer and emphysema, was put on a life-support respirator. He begged wife Liz to end his suffering, and she did. Bill and Liz's son Snapper was suspected of pulling the plug, but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Dear Reiner, Did the...

Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner,
Did the actor who plays Luke Spencer on General Hospital also play Bill Eckert?
— TJay

Dear TJay,
Yes! Good ol' Anthony Geary (Luke) played Bill, a Spencer cousin, from 1991 to '93. Raise your hand if you remember Mama Angela Eckert slaving away in the kitchen, or Bill's famous urinal scene!

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Dear Soaps, Dear Reiner, Last...

Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner, Last week you answered a question about the whereabouts of Holden's brother, and you said Caleb was living with Julie and stepkids Pete and Jenny in Seattle. Doesn't Julie and Holden's son, Aaron, live with Caleb and Julie? If not, what happened to Aaron?
— AB

Dear AB,
Oh, no! I was positive that Aaron was living with Iva, Jason and MJ, but now that you mention it... maybe he is living in Seattle. Paging [ATWT writers' assistant] Jared Levine!

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Dear Soaps, Dear Reiner, What...

Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner,
What is Lauren-Marie Taylor (Stacey on Loving) doing these days? She was on Lifetime's Handmade by Design, but do you have any information regarding her current projects?
— Kati

Dear Kati,
Are you LMT's daughter, Katie? Actually, Taylor was last seen sitting next to me at the Emmy dinner, cracking jokes and begging the cranky, rude waiters for a vegetarian plate. She's ready to make a "comeback" (I hate that word!), so perhaps she'll pop up on a new soap sometime soon... maybe as Becca's aunt on AMC?

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Dear Soaps, Dear Reiner, Did GH's...

Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner,
Did GH's Monica really have an affair with Ned?
— LadyXTC88

Dear LadyXTC88,
Yes, she really did. In 1988, Monica went to a spa and met Tracy's son Ned (then played by Kurt McKinney) — unaware he was her nephew by marriage (he was using the name Ward at the time) — and the two had a brief affair. The tryst is rarely mentioned these days, but was brought up at Monica's trial when Pierce Dorman sued her for sexual harassment. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, This isn't the first...

Dear Soaps,
This isn't the first time that Asa has thought Max was his son on One Life to Live, is it? I seem to recall him thinking Max was his son once before. Am I right? — Rachel

Dear Rachel,
Give yourself a pat on the back: This isn't the first time Asa believed Max is his son. Back in 1990, Max learned that Asa had swindled Max's father, Wingate Holden, out of oil-rich land. Max wanted revenge. Gabrielle, Max's then wife, learned that Max's mother had had an affair with Asa around the time Max was conceived. Even though Max was not a Buchanan, Gabrielle got Du Ann Demerest, a mid-wife, to claim she had delivered Asa's son, Max! Over time, Max and Asa grew close; Max even took the Buchanan name. Renee would soon learn that Du Ann's claim was a hoax, but allowed herself to be blackmailed to protect Asa. Du Ann turned up dead at the Buchanan Enterprises 25th anniversary party. Renee was initially charged with the crime, bu read more

Dear Soaps, I am a little confused....

Dear Soaps,
I am a little confused. Is Brock Reynolds, Kay Chancellor's son on The Young and the Restless, Philip Chancellor's son or was he from a previous marriage? Please help me solve this mystery!! — Totally Confused

Dear Confused,
No, Phillip Chancellor II, Kay's late husband, is not Brock's biological father. Brock is Katherine's son from a first marriage. When Brock first appeared in Genoa City in 1974, he was a grown man who practiced law and had found religion while traveling abroad. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Please tell me where...

Dear Soaps,
Please tell me where the real "Cassie" has been the past few weeks on Guiding Light. The few times the Cassie character was on, another woman played her. Will the old Cassie come back? I miss her. — Jean

Dear Jean,
You'll be happy to know that Laura Wright, who plays Cassie, is in the throes of new motherhood. The actress gave birth to her second child, a son named John Michael, on Dec. 21, 2000. Laura Stepp stepped into the role when Wright needed to leave the show earlier than expected. Wright will return to the role once she finishes her maternity leave. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I've been trying to...

Dear Soaps,
I've been trying to figure out how Marcus Taggert and Gia Campbell are brother and sister on General Hospital, since they have different last names. Do they have different fathers? — Janjan493

Dear Janjan493,
You are right on target (or is that Taggert?); Marcus and Gia do have different fathers. Marcus Taggert's father died when he was only 12. When Marcus and Gia's mother, Florence, remarried, she took the surname of her new husband, Campbell. Gia was born two years later. (DD)

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