More to Love host Emme introduces Luke to his 20 would-be girlfriends.

Fox's More to Love offers a fresh twist on the reality dating genre by putting 320-pound Luke Conley at the heart of action. And what a heart he has.  

Viewers "definitely, definitely" will root for Luke, series host Emme tells in this video Q&A. "His heart is truly on the money."

Learn more about More to Love's Luke

Luke starts off by meeting 20 women of various shapes and sizes. And while many such shows feature contestants out to further their careers (looking at you, Wes), Emme says every woman who auditioned for More to Love "wanted to find real love."  

"The truest, deepest reason why they're there is to find someone to share their life with," she says.

Emme goes on to tease some "very interesting moments" as the ladies seek Luke's attention and affection, and shares her take on one of the "stunts" pulled during the premiere (airing Tuesday at 9/8 CT).  

Luke culls the crowd down to a lucky two. And then? Hit play to see what Emme has to say about his final decision.