Michael Urie, Ugly Betty

Marc's love life on Ugly Betty has been less than eventful since he and fiancé Cliff broke things off. But things get very interesting when a magazine mogul makes a move on him — and the mogul's not a he.

Guest star Bernadette Peters, who plays Jodie Papadakis, previewed Thursday's episode by telling TVGuide.com her character "is starting to make a play for him."

In the episode, "In the Stars," Betty teams up with Matt and Marc for their über-important, final YETI project (a photo shoot with Grammy winner Adele). But, in an unexpected twist, Jodie hits on Marc.

"For my character to hit on Marc is a total surprise," said Peters. "Her boyfriend just broke up with her the night before, and he just looked good. She just was so vulnerable. And poor Marc is like, 'Wait a minute, what's going on here?' She just doesn't know which end is up."

Peters also revealed that Jodie becomes a bit envious of Betty. "There's a certain newspaper [Jodie's] been trying to get into for years, and it turns out they're interested in Betty," said Peters. "So, Jodie gets really jealous."