Sara Canning, Vampire Diaries and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural)

It's a tough job being a demon hunter, but if you look like Dean Winchester the job can have its perks.

Former Vampire Diaries star Sara Canning will guest-star as a character who will have a warm encounter with Dean on an upcoming January episode of Supernatural, TVLine reports.

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Executive producer Sera Gamble describes Canning's Lydia as "wry, independent and as fun-loving as Dean" and confirms that two will have a "memorable evening that takes an unexpected turn." Of course, when it comes to Supernatural, "unexpected" could mean almost anything, especially this season when the Leviathan have been known to impersonate and, well, eat people.

Canning is best known as Elena and Jeremy's Aunt Jenna who was sadly sacrificed by Klaus on Vampire Diaries.

Supernatural airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.

Do you like the idea of a Dean hookup? Or do you miss his old relationship?