Carl Young, Tim Samaras and Paul Samaras

Discovery will honor the late Storm Chasers stars Tim Samaras, Carl Young and Paul Samaras with a special enhanced episode of Mile Wide Tornado.

Premiering on Wednesday at 10/9c, Mile Wide Tornado: Stormchasers Tribute will include highlights and special scenes of all three men from the Discovery series, which ran from 2007 to 2011.

Three Storm Chasers stars killed in Oklahoma tornado

All three men were killed on May 31 while chasing a tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma that claimed 14 lives. Discovery confirmed their deaths early Sunday and dedicated the original airing of Mile Wide Tornado to their fallen stars with a message attached to the end of the broadcast that read: "In memory of Tim Samaras, Carl Young and Paul Samaras, who died Friday, May 31st doing what they love, chasing storms."

Mile Wide Tornado centers on the severe tornado that hit near Moore, Okla., On May 20 and left 24 dead.

Mile Wide Tornado: Stormchasers Tribute airs Wednesday at 10/9c. Will you be tuning in?