Frank Dolce, Tyler Labine, Troy Gentile and Davis Cleveland in the original Sons of Tucson pilot

The Sons of Tucson are getting a makeover: Fox has announced an open casting call to recast two young leads in its new midseason comedy.

Sons of Tucson stars Tyler Labine (Reaper) as an opportunistic slacker enlisted by three brothers to pose as their dad while their real one serves time in the pen for a white-collar crime.

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Both the youngest son, 8-year-old Robby, and the oldest, Brandon, 15, will be replaced with new actors. Youths with "outgoing personalities" can upload their audition videos at through July 24, Fox said. 

Troy Gentile and Davis Cleveland played Robby and Brandon in the original (and rather funny) pilot. Frank Dolce, who plays middle brother Gary, perhaps the most engaging of the three characters, is staying on.

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