DC Comics' Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Superman and Cosmic Boy; Alexz Johnson (inset)

Think of them as FEMA, only with spandex and kicky boots.

In the devastating wake of what happens at the end of this week's Smallville episode — let's just say that Davis isn't feeling like himself and Chloe is due for a helluva honeymoon — Clark's hometown is going to need a super clean-up crew. Cue the arrival of Saturn Girl (aka Imra Ardeen), Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz) and Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn), all of whom travel far to tackle this task — specifically, from the 31st century.

Played by Alexz Johnson (well-known for her run as Jude on Instant Star), Calum Worthy (who has had a handful of appearances on Psych) and Ryan Kennedy (from CTV's Whistler), the trio of helping hands will effectively introduce Clark to the famed Legion of Super-Heroes — which he, as Superman, one day will join.

The three Legionnaires are slated to make their debut in Smallville's first episode back following the midseason break: "Legion," penned by Geoff Johns (a favorite scribe of DC Comics fans) and airing Jan. 15.

What's your take, Smallville fans? Thrilled to see Clark take another step closer to his destiny?