Kevin Bigely, Kevin Daniels, Michael Mosley, Jessica McNamee

Everyone thinks their job is a pain in the butt, but most 9-to-5 gigs are nothing compared to the work paramedics do.

The new USA comedy Sirens, from executive producers Denis Leary and Bob Fisher, hopes to show just that. Take, for instance, a man who gets a soda bottle stuck up his butt. "We are paramedics, sir," Hank (Kevin Daniels) tells the patient. "Even if there was a device that sucked soda bottles out of the place we dare not go, our budget wouldn't cover it."

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As the promo says, "Funny things happen when you save lives for a living."

Get an exclusive sneak peek at the comedy's new promo below:

Sirens premieres Thursday, March 6 at 10/9c on USA.