Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon; Nicki Minaj

After Mariah Carey said that her time on American Idol was like "going to work every day in hell with Satan," most people assumed the diva was referring specifically to her fellow judge Nicki Minaj. But according to Carey's husband Nick Cannon, that's not the case.

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"I don't think she was speaking directly about [Minaj]," Cannon told Access Hollywood"I think she was talking about the situation in general. In her mind, it's bigger than that. If my wife wanted to [call Minaj Satan], she would've said that. She has no problem [saying] how she feels!"

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"She was talking about the situation in general," he added.

Though, according to Cannon, it was the addition of Minaj as a fourth judge that started Carey and Idol off on a bad foot, since she was supposed to be the only female judge. "[Mariah] was like, 'You said it was going be this, and then it turned out to be this.' From that point on, it was just bad," Cannon said.