Blair Redford, Alexandra Chando, Christian Alexander

Has The Lying Game's Sutton Mercer disappeared?

ABC Family sets return dates for Pretty Little Liars, Lying Game and more

When the ABC Family series left off, Sutton (Alexandra Chando) returned to town to reclaim her life, but before she could out her imposter twin Emma, she and her car went plunging into a lake. In our exclusive first look at the season premiere, Ethan (Blair Redford), Emma and Thayer (Christian Alexander) wait as the submerged car is discovered -- but not Sutton. Will Ethan and Emma tell the truth? Can they trust Thayer to be on their side? And will Sutton turn up?

Exclusive: Charisma Carpenter gets in on The Lying Game

The Lying Game returns Monday, Jan. 2 at 9/8c on ABC Family.