Hey you all, everybody! Grab your guitar and some blank sheet music.

The producers of Lost are inviting fans to "Rock your Lost on!" and write a theme song for the ABC series.

The winning tune will probably never actually appear on the show, but will have an exclusive debut performance at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

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In a posting of the rules at ABC.com, the show bosses say that to mark their fifth year at the Con, "We'd like to feature your ideal version of what you think a Lost title song would be (if the show had one). Over the years, we've been witness to your incredibly innovative pieces on Lost, and would love to hear your fetchy melody for Lost."

Perhaps a variation on "As Time Goes By"? Or "Smoke Get in Your Eyes"? Me, I'm adapting Jack Wagner's "Island Fever" — good luck beating that.

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Members of Drive Shaft and Geronimo Jackson are ineligible.