Leonard Nimoy, The Late Show with David Letterman

In a late-night Star Trek publicity push, the erstwhile Spock, Leonard Nimoy, beamed down to The Late Show with David Letterman Thursday to deliver the night's Top Ten list — not to mention help Letterman differentiate between Star Trek and Star Wars.

After receiving an apology from a befuddled Letterman for his Star-confusion, Nimoy, who cameos in J.J. Abrams' reboot, presented the Top Ten List of Lines Never Before Said in a Star Trek Film.

Some were pop-culture-inspired (No. 7: "Welcome aboard the Starship Enterprise — today's in-flight movie is Big Momma's House 2), while other were ripped from the headlines (No. 6: "We've been hijacked by Somali pirates") and (No. 2: The Enterprise just hit a goose; we're gonna have to land in the Hudson").

And what was No. 1? Find out below.

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