Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon's primary goal when he hosts the Emmy Awards on August 29: "I want to keep it moving," he tells TV Guide Magazine. "I've been to so many Emmy parties, and sometimes you sit there and go, 'Come on!'" Here are Fallon's tips for a great show.

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"Keep the alcohol flowing. By the afterparties, everybody will be wasted enough to believe I'm George Clooney."
Says Fallon, "The last Emmys I was at were dry, so we're trying to get [the drinks] going again. Even at the Tonys you get a plastic flute of champagne. People drink them down like shots."

"Don't read the name of the winner until after you've read the nominees."
Remember the 2001 Golden Globes when Elizabeth Taylor almost announced the best movie drama winner before reading the nominees? So does Fallon, who wants to make sure each nominee gets a moment in the spotlight. "I'm excited to see the fresh faces from Modern Family, Glee and Friday Night Lights. It's fun for them."

"Expect the unexpected: The unexpected becomes expected and 'unexpected' no longer exists."
Emmy viewers can expect comedy gold if Tonight Show host nominee Conan O'Brien attends the NBC telecast. "I'm going to have to do something with Conan," says Fallon, who received an e-mail from the past Emmy host with some tips. "I really want to make it a classy night. This night is not for [late-night drama]."

"Be nice to everyone. You might be on an episode of Undercover Boss."
Jokes Fallon, "You never know! If somebody's wearing a hard hat and a mustache, I just yank on the mustache to see if it's fake."

"If things aren't going well, inflate the emergency slide, grab two beers and jump."
Fallon says, "It's the best way to quit your job!" He promises to "mix it up a bit" during the ceremony. "I'm going to do a musical opening, but I'm going to put the spotlight more on the nominees. We have a solid show."

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