Conan O'Brien

On this fair St. Patrick's Day, we thought we'd share a list of Irish people we'd love to share a pint with.

Conan O'Brien
If Ireland could choose a poster boy or goodwill ambassador, we would nominate Conan O'Brien. He's got the trademark Irish red hair, blue eyes, freckles and dazzling wit. He also proved he can hold his own making and imbibing Irish cocktails when he raised a glass with Martha Stewart last St. Patrick's Day. Sláinte!

Olivia Wilde
Wilde plays the not-so-lucky "Thirteen" on House — but did you know she lived in Dublin to attend acting school and has dual citizenship in America and the Emerald Isle? We're sure she broke many Irishmen's hearts before retuning to the states. After watching this wild scene from House, we could see a few ladies shedding tears over her too.

Denis Leary
It's hard for us to decide whether we'd like to drink more with Denis Leary or his Rescue Me alter-ego, Tommy Gavin. But since Tommy's trying to clean up his act, we'll go with the real Denis... after all, what's good enough for Jon Stewart is good enough for us! Check out this classic video of Stewart and Leary reminiscing about their drinking days.

Alyson Hannigan
Though this How I Met Your Mother star is only half-Irish, anyone who can deliver the famous flute dialogue from American Pie with such brilliant comedic timing, and use her "milkshake" to bring all the boys to the yard in this Date Movie clip, earns an invitation to join us at the local pub. However, we'll wait to issue said invite until after Hannigan delivers her impending bundle of joy this spring.

Peter Griffin
Who wouldn't want to go toe-to-toe with Family Guy's Peter Griffin in the "game of drink"? Not only did he beat his drunken Irish dad, Mickey McFinnigan, but he also busted out into some classic Irish song and dance — complete with a tin whistle, accordion and some old-fashioned bar brawling.

Fionnula Flanagan
We want answers — and the only one who can tell us about the island secrets is a liquored-up Eloise Hawkings (aka Fionnula Flanagan). "Here Finny, have another shot of Jameson...oh, and by the way, what goes on in that church basement? Who is Jacob? And why doesn't Richard age?"

Colin Farrell
Screw those banana bags they give at hospitals for those who over-imbibed on the adult beverages. Any man who considers hooking an IV-drip bag filled with Guinness to his veins as a hangover cure is a-OK in our book.

Mickey "Is That a Leprechaun in My Pants?" O'Connor
Think of all the Mega Buzz scoop and hilarious recaps Mickey has brought you over the last few months. Who wouldn't want to raise a pint of Guinness or a shot of whiskey with our charming and witty senior editor? Unfortunately, he's already passed out at his desk right now.

Which Irish actors/personalities would you like to share a pint with? Weigh in below!

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