Carol Burnett and Betty White, insert Tim Conway and Betty White

Back on The Carol Burnett Show, the comedy queen and Betty White played sisters Eunice and Ellen Harper in the recurring "Mama's Family" sketches. More than three decades later, they're reuniting on the June 26 episode of TV Land's Hot in Cleveland. Carol Burnett guest stars as Penny, the hoarding mother of Victoria (Wendie Malick) and Bess (Jean Smart), who used to host a puppet show and now fakes senility to keep her daughters close. 

"That's not hard for Carol," quips another Burnett Show costar, Tim Conway, who plays Nick, a friend of White's Elka. On set during rehearsals, Burnett turned to her pals and said, "This is just like old times." While filming one scene, Burnett suggested that Conway shuffle across the floor like his beloved World's Oldest Man character. How slow did he go? Slow enough for Penny to crack, "I may have time to go home and shave my legs." Burnett Show fans will also appreciate Penny's farewell line to Elka: "I'm so glad we had this time together."  

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