Sadie B, Sunday

Do you find Rebecca Black's "Friday" to be too secular? Well, here's the alternative for you!

An expressive tween who goes by the name of Sadie B skips ahead two days — to "Sunday." In Sadie B's world, everyone's waiting for the weekend because that's when they go to church. ("Fun, fun, church can be fun / You know that it is," warbles Sadie through a layer of Auto Tune that's even thicker than Black's.)

The video's description field on YouTube calls this a "parody." But since it was produced by the Community Christian Church — a nondenominational ministry -- it's safe to assume that this is one of those funny-'cause-it's-true jokes.

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Get down on "Sunday" regardless of the actual day of the week:

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It also seems like a good time to point out that industrial musicians who call themselves Cynical Mass remixed "Friday" into "Friday (IN HELL)."

So whether Jesus or Satan is your thing, there's a "Friday" for you.

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