Tempestt Bledsoe

Knock, knock! It's Tempestt Bledsoe, and she's here to organize your home. Tonight, the former Cosby Show kid brings her own unique flair to the job of clutter-busting when she takes over as host of the popular makeover series Clean House from Niecy Nash, who's moving on to other projects.

TV Guide Magazine: You have big shoes to fill taking over for longtime host Niecy Nash. Intimidated?
Bledsoe: I just jumped right in and it's been exhilarating. I think I've helped a lot of people so far.

TV Guide Magazine: What kind of messes have you found yourself in?
Bledsoe: A person who feels like they need 500 sweaters and they live in California. Rooms where you can't physically turn around. It's amazing!

TV Guide Magazine: But how can anyone say no to Vanessa Huxtable?
Bledsoe: It's definitely an advantage that people are comfortable with me. When I need you to give something up or clean something up, they see a different side. [Laughs] I can get what I need. On occasions, I like to put the full-court press on. I can be quite persuasive.

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