Molly Parker, Jack Davenport, Lana Parrilla and Grant Show, Swingtown

I'm shedding Hai Karate-scented tears here at the winter TV previews in L.A, as CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler has just officially killed my beloved Swingtown.

"We're not going back to Swingtown... right now," she said. Tassler said she was proud of the 1970s-set swinger series, but said ultimately the show was a tangential victim of the strike-shortened season. "It was a risk, and we took it, and I'm glad we did," she said.

I'm cueing up my saddest Jackson Browne record and warming up the fondue for the wake if anyone would like to use the comments section to pay their last respects. (Also: Leave your keys in the bowl and we'll all have group sex later.)

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