Jeff and Jordan, Big Brother

It's fair to say there has been a mixed reaction to CBS' announcement that Big Brother 13 would feature the return of "dynamic duos" from the show's past. For every fan thrilled by the prospect of seeing their favorite players again, there is another who would rather not spend another summer with Jessie, aka "Mr. Pectacular," admiring himself in the mirror.

Big Brother Season 13 to feature past "dynamic duos;" 8 houseguests revealed

Here at, we see validity in each argument, but one thing is key: We want to watch game-players, not self-obsessed famemongers whose sole purpose is to stir the pot — and boost ratings — until the house kicks them out. So, in order for us to fully invest in this season's twist, casting of the returning twosomes is key.

Behold, the five teams we'd most enjoy watching again this summer:

1. Will and Mike "Boogie" (Season 2 and All-Stars)
For Them:
The team known as Chilltown is unquestionably the greatest pair to play the game, as evidenced by the fact that both of them have won the grand prize before. Their gameplay has the distinction of being straightforward and deceptive at the same time. Plus: their joint Diary Room sessions are as hilarious as they are memorable.
Against Them: Again, they're both previous winners who we've watched for two seasons already. Plus, both of them have pretty busy lives: Will is a plastic surgeon and Boogie runs a chain of restaurants and will co-host VH1's Famous Food this summer.

2. Jeff and Jordan (Season 11)
For Them:
Even if they both are delightfully dim, they are pretty much the cutest couple to ever come out of Big Brother. And even though being a returning player instantly makes you an instant target for eviction, we'd really like to see Jeff get another shot at winning the title he fought so hard for the first time around.
Against Them:
After Jordan won Big Brother two summers ago, they competed on The Amazing Race. How can we miss them if they don't go away?

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3. Evel Dick and Daniele (Season 8)
For Them:
This is the team that can deliver both the scheming game-play we love and also pick the fights we live to watch. Dick may be the most-hated player ever to win the game, and we're sure the years haven't toned down his antics. Danielle has all the same killer instincts in a much friendlier package.
Against Them:
Watching these two try to rebuild their strained father-daughter relationship the first time around was often more uncomfortable than it was therapeutic.

4. Howie and Janelle (Season 6 and All-Stars)
For Them:
This is the only team on our list that's never had a member win the game. Howie is always good for a big goofy laugh, and while we certainly can't deny Janelle's eye-candy appeal, she is also the single greatest physical competitor in the game's history, clawing her way to third place on two different seasons.
Against Them:
Like Chilltown, we're not sure we want to spend a third summer with these two, especially since they failed in both of their previous appearances.

5. Memphis and Dan (Season 10)
For Them:
The "Renegades" weren't as flashy as others on this list, but their secret alliance was just as effective. Dan was the brains; Memphis was the muscle. And even when they had to rely on other players to keep them in the house, their loyalty to one another never wavered.
Against Them: Aside from Grandpa Jerry, their season was pretty forgettable. Although we do remember how loud Dan was during his Diary Room sessions...

Who do you want to see return to the Big Brother house this summer?