Sam and Dan McMillen

Brothers Sam and Dan McMillen argued all the way until the end of The Amazing Race, coming up just shy — 10 minutes to be exact. "The truth is, I don't think we fought any more than anyone else," Sam, 23, tells "All the other teams had the exact same experience. Ours just happened to be the ones that got shone. We were perfectly fine afterward." The two are also perfectly fine with Harlem Globetrotter Big Easy after Dan, 21, left him hanging last week. Find out what else the two had to say about their time, their "villain" edit and more. Did you really not know who Wayne Newton is?
[Laughs] We know who he is, but we asked the concierge [who Mr. Las Vegas is] and they told us it was this new comedian — George Wallace. So we see Wayne Newton thinking, "Oh, maybe that's his birth name." We called him George Wallace and he was like, "No." And for some reason, his name was just not popping into our heads. It was on the tips of our tongues. It was so embarrassing! ... We were confused when he told us his name. We were thinking maybe Meghan and Cheyne already finished because he told us, but maybe he wasn't familiar with the rules or whatnot.

Amazing Race's Meghan and Cheyne: It's "cool" fans think we're the best team ever What went wrong with the poker chips?
That was totally me. We wanted to be cautious and make sure that we didn't get it wrong. We thought if we got it wrong, we'd have to put all the chips back on the table and start over. We didn't read the clue right, so we wanted to be careful and took our time and that's why they passed us. We've never played poker in our lives, so we had no clue how to count fast and it really came down to, "Hey, who knows how to count chips?" You guys got the villain edit this season, especially after you, Dan, didn't tell Big Easy the answer was "Franz." Why were you so gung-ho about getting the Globetrotters eliminated?
We never had an alliance with him. The deal was to help each other out and I clearly helped him. It was his fault that he couldn't get it, but I do not regret that at all.
Sam: From day one in casting, we wanted them out. They were so secretive and quiet and did their own thing. I didn't like that. ... We're all friends now. It's cool. Big Easy wasn't mad. On the mat, Dan looked at him and was like, "Please don't kill me." [Laughs] Your other "evil" tactic was stealing Brian and Ericka's cab.
Yeah, but why wouldn't we? The truth is, what they didn't show you, is that we actually had that cab driver call for another cab and the cab was supposed to be there in five minutes, so Brian and Ericka were like, "Yeah, you can take our cab. That's fine as long as the other cab will be here in five minutes." But that cab never showed up, so technically it was that cab driver's fault for not showing up.
Sam: Were we the villains? Probably not, but the edit gave us that picture. We don't mind it. Somebody has to do it.

Amazing Race's Flight Time and Big Easy: No regrets about taking penalty Your fights were insane. What's the deal?
Dan: We're polar opposites. We couldn't be away from each other for seven days a week for three weeks, so of course you're going to fight. Any relationship, you're going to fight. Since we're brothers, we take it to the next extreme, but the two minutes after the fight, we're OK.
Sam: We had the big famous fight at the haybales. That stuck with us the rest of the time and that's why everyone picked out our fights. The golem was the other one. Your other story line earlier this season was Maria and Tiffany not knowing you were gay. They said you told them before you told the rest of the group.
We actually told them in Vietnam. We just wanted to because it was kind of awkward and Tiffany was saying some weird things, so we were like, "Hey, we're gay." [Laughs] Maybe they just picked on you guys, but the show played up your lack of geography knowledge — calling the Persian Gulf a country, not knowing Monaco, among them.
[Laughs] Yeah, we know where Monaco is. The Persian Gulf thing was just a fluke. Honestly, we know the Persian Gulf is a gulf and we said the country thing out of, I don't know, a moment of idiocy, but we thought maybe there was an airport that was known as the Persian Gulf Airport, like one specific airport in Saudi Arabia or someplace. And right after I said Prague's a country, I went, "Oh no, it's in the Czech Republic," but of course they cut it off before I corrected myself.

Amazing Race's Gary and Matt: We don't feel like we lost What's next for you guys?
I graduate from school in May and then I'm going to Africa for a little bit and then find a job. Back to the real world and hopefully many good things to come.
Sam: I'm putting together med school applications. I'll be applying this summer. I could see myself doing medicine in Third World countries, fighting infectious diseases and stuff like that.

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