Amazing Race - Zev, Justin

For the second time in three seasons, a lost passport did in a team on The Amazing Race. Friends Zev Glassenberg, 26, and Justin Kanew, 30, went from leg winners to disqualified racers after Zev's passport went MIA. "We saw [the season] when Toni and Dallas lost theirs. I guess misery loves company," Justin tells "I'm glad we weren't the only idiots!" So where and how did they lose the passport? Find out below, and see if Zev really is a duck whisperer. In the Elimination Station clip, you retrieved the passport at the U.S. Embassy and figured out the passport fell out in a temple. What happened?
Yeah, the clue that took us to the monkey Roadblock said you had to be quiet when you're around the monks, so we assumed we had to go inside the monastery. It was really dark in there and I reached into my fanny pack to pull out a headlight and it must've slipped out then. When they told us where they found it, we realized what happened. It was so dark [the camera guys] couldn't even get what happened. It was probably 15 minutes after we checked in that we realized it was missing. But I take the blame! You guys were so calm then and throughout the whole show. How did you keep your cool after that went down?
We were just doing our own thing and having fun with it. That's the way we ran our race. We didn't want to get angry or anything. Sometimes things just happen.
Justin: Zev was more calm than I was — and it was his passport. We wanted to avoid the pratfalls of having animosity toward each other, so we went to therapy with Zev's shrink before the race and talked about how we were going to cooperate and I think it really worked. One of the things we said was that no matter what happened, we would be good to each other and keep calm. That was the only thing we could control. I think also you could tell when we got back out there we knew it was over for us. There wasn't a lot that could hold you up for too long on the leg.

Amazing Race's Marcy and Ron find closure in Vietnam Other than the end, you ran an awesome leg, going from second-to-last to first. What contributed to that?
Our strategy, which we didn't really plan, but it was to get a local to stay with us the entire leg. We did it pretty much every leg except for the duck whisperer one. It paid off on this one because we got this great cab driver who knew where we were going and was fast. That's just the luck of the draw the whole race — getting a good cab driver or a slow cab driver. Most of the time we got slow ones, but we were blessed with a good dude that day. They didn't announce a prize for you guys. Was that edited out because you eventually got eliminated?
It was probably the line of the episode, but it got edited out. We won motorcycles and after Phil told us, Zev goes, "Motorcycle?! I can barely drive a car!"
Zev: What am I going to do with a motorcycle? My mom's not going to let me drive a motorcycle.
Justin: I don't think anyone's ever rejected a prize before, but that's what he did. But I don't think we'll be getting those motorcycles. I don't think you'll be seeing us riding on [Highway] 1 with wind blowing in our hair.

Amazing Race's Garrett and Jessica eliminated, but engaged You can go on All-Stars and win more prizes.
Yes! Start the campaign now! Why did only a few teams recognize Jackie Kennedy in the photo?
I did! Not Justin though. Just Zev! [Laughs]
Justin: Yeah, I didn't. Zev's good like that. I don't know why, but since I didn't, I can't really talk down to anybody. ... I didn't think it was Queen Elizabeth, so that's good! You guys came into this as the "feel-good story" because Zev has Asperger's. Were you OK with that label?
I just went along with it and did my thing. I've had Asperger's since I was 11 and it's who I am. It didn't weigh on me at all.
Justin: One of the amazing things that's come out of this that has been totally overwhelming has been this outpour[ing] of love and support from people with Asperger's, parents of people with Asperger's about how inspired they are and how they love seeing our relationship and all that. For us, that just made the whole thing more than we thought it could be.

Amazing Race's Eric and Lisa: Quickie elimination was "no big deal" Zev, are you really a duck whisperer?
The tape does not lie!
Justin: People have been asking if he's really that good with ducks and the answer is a capital "yes." I could not believe what I was seeing, especially since there were all these people struggling with this. I thought we were in trouble and then it was like he was whispering to these ducks. He could've told them what to do without the flags and they would've done it. He was just calm and cool. He's great with kids too. He just relates to other living things on this level that some people can't.
Zev: I love to eat duck, so they were probably afraid I was going to eat them.