Phil Keoghan and Kisha and Jen Hoffman

LaKisha and Jennifer Hoffman saved their best for last. Though they were the only final four team not to win a leg on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, they came in first on the one that mattered the most and won the $1 million. "We were asked in the [confessionals], 'How does it feel going into the final four without winning a leg?' We were like, 'OK, what's the point of winning four or five legs if you don't win the last one?'" Kisha tells "That was our attitude: The last one is what counts." The sisters became the second all-female team to win and in the process, overcame their fear of water while still taking — yes — another pee break.

What did you think of the Amazing Race finale?

What were you thinking running up to the mat, knowing you had won?
I kid you not — I had a terrible, terrible pit in my stomach. It was like the worst pain in my stomach. I knew the outcome of the Race. It was just actually seeing it. You have that outer-body experience where you know it's going to happen, but you're not really prepared for the reaction and what's going to come from you. Watching it, I literally cried my eyes out.
It's an awesome experience. You set out to do something and you look back and you're like, "We actually accomplished it." We were sitting back so many times in between the filming and the [airing of the episodes] going, "Oh my God. We really, really did it!" We feel very accomplished.

Could you see the Globetrotters behind you on the bridge?
No. It was very long. I think it was even longer than seven miles! [Laughs] I know Gary and Mallory had some difficulties with their cab ... but it was really close. At one point, we were all in the trailer home, talking to Miss Rose and crossing our fingers that despite the wind, it still looked like the brochure. We didn't see the Globetrotters, but again, it was seven miles and the wind, we just had to push each other through it.
Kisha: I don't really know [how much we beat them by]. It was minutes.

You were in second place for half of it, but you ran a pretty flawless last leg. What do you think made the difference?
Our cab driver was like an angel! I mean, even when it came to the marina, he didn't rely on [his own knowledge]. He was like, "OK, let me make phone calls." To get to the Undersea Lodge, there were several clues you had to figure out and he got someone on the phone and they used the Internet. He had a map and a GPS. He was just so helpful. We really have to find our cab driver and give him a nice little tip!

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There were a lot of water tasks. Do you think they were out to torture you guys?
[Laughs] I don't think they were out to torture. I went into it knowing, from our first season, that you have to prepare for certain things and that's what I did. I took swimming lessons and I learned enough just not to die. They didn't show it, but I had terrible anxiety [going into the Roadblock] because I knew I was going to have to face my fear. It was almost like rehashing what happened in Season 14 when it came to the swimming task. It was almost like I had tunnel vision and I just went in and did it.

Did the Globetrotters really tip you off about an earlier flight to Rio at the travel agency?
They were so obvious! We actually went to a lot of different booths. Everyone was telling us the same thing. When they came in — Flight Time doing his hand stretch, Big Easy just looked really sneaky — we knew something was up. I think we went to eat some food and then something just didn't feel right, and then we kept on searching for a better flight.

You guys were never in jeopardy of being eliminated the whole Race. How did you remain so consistent?
Our whole attitude was to beat at least one team and the last leg, we need to beat two. I think everything just fell into place for us. We really just worked well together. We made really good decisions. We were efficient when it came to tasks and we never were in the bottom of the pack.

Were you concerned about a Season 14 curse after the first four eliminated teams were from your season?
I think it was very surprising from the beginning that five of the 11 teams were from our season. We definitely felt that they would be sticking around, but they went out back-to-back-to-back-to-back. At that point, we weren't like, "Oh, Season 14 curse!" We were like, "Alright, we have to be the ones that represent for our season." And we did!

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What are you going to do with the money? Help your mom start her business?
Yes. We're still trying to wrap our heads around what's happening right now. We definitely want to invest a little bit. ... But definitely helping our mom start her business — that's something she's always wanted to do. She's always had the dream and she's always had the faith and the ability to do that, so we want to help kick-start that.
Kisha: It was very special [watching it with her on Mother's Day]. She was crying. She's been crying every episode!

Can you finally put that pee break behind you?
[Laughs] Yes! Finally! Jen was finally able to redeem herself! She didn't have to pee on herself for $1 million this time around!

Did you drink anything at all the last leg?
I refused because — well, actually, I peed in the submarine challenge. [Laughs] I was in the water, like, what's the difference? Although there were mermaids swimming around. I felt bad for them.

I'm sure you're not the first to pee in there.
Jen: Yeah, right? I let a little go!
Kisha: I'm just learning about this! [Laughs]
Jen: Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!