Kerri and Stacy

After completing the gnome-curling Roadblock in second-to-last place on The Amazing Race's Bavaria leg, Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers seemed to have secured the final Top 7 spot. But then, they got into their car. "Kerri and I were always efficient in the challenges. What killed us in this leg was we couldn't get from Point A to Point B," Stacy tells "When we could get there, we'll kill the challenge. But then we'll get killed going to Point B!" The cousins wound up losing their five-minute lead on federal agents Nary and Jamie, and got eliminated. Why were they so bad at navigation? And why weren't they rooting for Ralph and Vanessa afterward? Find out below.

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How far behind Nary and Jamie were you?
I don't think we were that far behind. After we had gotten eliminated, we saw them in passing.
Kerri: We probably had about a five-minute lead. I think I saw them behind us at one point, but I wasn't exactly sure. We had kind of driven around. People tell you to go one way and it's wrong, and you turn around and go another way.

What happened? Was it just bad directions?
Yeah. We totally got bad directions. We couldn't spell it any other way. People directed us to, like, three different places instead of the one place we needed to be in five seconds.
Kerri: I think we even passed it at one point.
Stacy: No, we didn't pass it. But we were practically right next door to it and everybody kept sending us to different places!
Kerri: Nobody could really articulate to us what the Pit Stop was. I don't think we realized it was that barn until we saw the cows! Until they mooed at us!

How many people did you ask?
Five people. We went into a store and we waited on a man for directions. He shopped for a minute and he came out. He was like, "Wait one second. Let me put this down." And then he disappeared and nobody else spoke English. I was like, "OK, Kerri, let's go drive." And then he comes running, like, "Wait! I know where it is!"

Did you have a map?
No. And it didn't seem like anyone had a sense of urgency. I want to take responsibility for our actions, but when you're left in a situation like that, you have to ask locals because there's no other way to find a place, especially when there's no sign of the name on the building. It was kind of vague. I'm sure the other teams had a hard time. They don't show that necessarily because they can't fit everything into an hour, but I'm sure they did. Everyone kept telling us to go to the next village. In America, we don't have villages, so it was hard to know what they meant.
Stacy: It was hard to determine where each village was. Like, do you mean the next village 20 minutes from here or two minutes from here? ... We drove around for probably 10 or 15 minutes. It's not a lot, but it's bad when somebody's on your tail! I was just saying a prayer, like, "God, I'm sure we can bargain right now." [Laughs] "Let's negotiate something and maybe we'll get there and Phil will be like, 'This leg continues.'"

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You had a lot of trouble with self-navigation. You got lost last leg, and the beginning and end of this one.
Yeah. I think navigation savvy is one of those things where you either have it or you don't. You can't practice being navigationally savvy. Personally, I've never been savvy with navigation. Going from A to B? That's not my strong suit.
Stacy: But that's part of the Race. We get so dependent on GPS and technology to find things. When I'm overseas, I use the GPS to go everywhere. I'm never lost because I always have GPS. You take that tool away and you really gotta have that savvy. And we didn't have it the past two legs.

How did you end up at the wrong castle?
There were two castles and the way we came into the castle town was from a different direction, so we didn't see the right castle on top of the hill. So as soon as we ran up to the wrong one, we were smart enough to ask, "Is this where Ludwig's bedroom is?"
Kerri: Yeah, because we were not gonna wait to go on the tour! [Laughs] Thankfully, people pointed us to the right direction. We always made sure that before we dove into something that could be time-consuming we knew were doing the right thing. We went to the wrong castle, but we asked. The other thing about the Race is you don't realize how much time other teams waste and that you can make up time. But when you're in the back, it's just hard to get out of that mind-frame. You need mental prowess to really overcome that.

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How did you get along with the other teams? The extra clips online show some drama between you and the twins, and Vanessa and Ralph.
The twins —they were just guys. You know how big brothers pick on little sisters? That's what our relationship was like. At first, you don't really know the other teams, so you're just trying to feel each other out. But Ralph and Vanessa — it wasn't so much Ralph. You know how you can be a good person, but one bad apple could fall off the branch? I think it was like that for their team. She pre-judged us before she even talked to us. ... Even though that little tiff happened with the twins, we don't judge them for that. It happened in the moment and we all got over it. But Ralph and Vanessa were like, "Oh, they're stuck-up." How do you know we're stuck-up when you haven't talked to us yet? Vanessa said that about us to other teams and they told us, so we were like, "Really? Is this The Real World or is this The Amazing Race?" Then Ralph tried to block us on the plane when Stacy was trying to get me to the front. She wasn't telling anyone to block him.
Stacy: Kerri was a few rows behind me on the plane, so I asked the people who were in front if they could let her get off the plane with me. ... Vanessa was just very catty. I can't deal with catty women. I can't tolerate it.

So I take it you weren't cheering for them after you got eliminated.
Stacy: Oh, no. [Laughs]
Kerri: The truth of the matter is, Stacy and I wanted to run a clean race. We work in athletic fields and we're all about sportsmanship, being classy and representing well for our hometown and family. I was not about to go on TV and act like a fool. I wasn't going to do something underhanded because that's not what I value.
Stacy: TV or not, Kerri and I aren't crazy people in our everyday lives. Going into the Race, I just believed that if I'm gonna beat you, I'm gonna beat you with my wit, my athleticism, and I'm gonna feel good about taking it from you. I don't have to overcompensate for my weaknesses by playing little mind games and just being overall catty and stupid with you.

What are you up to now?
I'm about to take a mini trip to go see my husband. He plays [basketball] overseas, so I'm gonna see him. Other than that, I'm busy, taking care of my business and my children. And Kerri's always busy!
Kerri: I am a social butterfly. I'm always doing something, partying, planning social events. I'm back at work and trying to advance my career with whatever God gives me next.