Meghan (center), Joey (right)

Malaysian rapids wreaked havoc on teams' rafts on The Amazing Race All-Stars Sunday, but it was another form of transportation — or lack thereof — that doomed Joey and Meghan. The YouTube hosts made the mistake of not holding their taxi while they did the Roadblock and were forced to trudge down a highway to ask for help. "We have no idea how long it took, but it was a while," Meghan tells "We knew we were last and were leaving unless it was a non-elimination leg."

Nevertheless, the two say they have no regrets about letting their taxi go — because they wanted to get rid of it in the first place. See what else they have to say about their snafu and why they think the Race wanted them out.

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Do you know how far behind you were?
 We don't. But we were on the river with Rachel and Brendon at one point. We were a little surprised to see them there. I guess we weren't too far behind from them, but I don't know about the check-in times.

You guys seemed resigned to being last after the taxi fiasco.
 Yeah, we accepted it immediately. When we saw our cab was gone and the guy said there were no taxis that came down the road, we were like, "Alright! It's over. Let's just finish the rest of the leg."

Why did you let it go?
 It's actually funny because at the airport, we were like, "Oh, I bet we'll be able to catch up to the first flight. The location is probably super far and we'll have to hold our taxis." Then we started thinking about other possibilities of what could happen and came up with the idea that we were going to a bus station after the waterfall and we were going to take a bus to some monkey place. [Laughs] We totally disregarded the fact that we would have a taxi. That was something all the teams were talking about at the airport. That kind of screwed our minds, assuming what was going to happen.
Meghan: We had said, "Let's make sure we hold our taxi." I don't even know what we were thinking. We were like legit in the middle of nowhere. It took forever for us to get a taxi.

You actually told him to leave, right? He didn't drive off when you wanted him to stay?
 Yeah. And he was a bad taxi driver anyway.
Meghan: Oh yeah, we wanted to get rid of him. That's the other thing.
Joey: Our car was breaking down. We thought we were going to get stuck going up the hill. He was not good at all. We didn't think about getting a taxi afterwards.
Meghan: We left for the location the same time as Brendon and Rachel and John and Jessica, but we got there super later than them because this car was awful. He made us 10 minutes later, which is a lot in Race time, especially when you're the last three teams. And the Roadblock wasn't hard at all. So, we didn't want him anymore. We probably would've come in last had we kept that taxi. 

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You really think so?
 It depends, I guess, if he could've gotten us to the rafting fast. But our raft held up great on the river, so I think we could've maybe beaten Brendon and Rachel. Watching everyone last night, we would've had a great opportunity if we were able to get there. A lot of people had so much trouble with their rafts.

I felt like someone was going to die.
 Yeah! That was really dramatic! Ours wasn't as bad. Joey and I were watching and were like, "What happened?" We got stuck on the rocks a few times, but it wasn't anything like Leo and Jamal or Brendon and Rachel. It was actually a really fun ride.

There's not a lot of self-driving anymore on the show. I know it's hard logistically, but do you think it would've helped had you guys had to do that this leg? 
 Going to the second location to build the raft, it was really far from the waterfall. If they had let us drive, I think more people would've gotten lost.

But you could've caught up.
 No, we would've ended up in Africa! [Laughs]
Joey: We're bad navigators!
Meghan: Yeah, it's probably good that we didn't have to drive here.

Do you regret letting your taxi go even though you say you had wanted to?
 No. I feel like if we had kept our taxi, obviously that would've been the right call in retrospect, but at the moment you don't know that there would be no taxis. There have been so many teams who've ditched their bad taxi and gotten a better one after. No amount of training was really going to help us. It was just a matter of luck.
Meghan: You can't regret something like this. It just happened. We trained really hard. We thought we were prepared. It wasn't the same Race we ran last time. Things were very, very different.

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Did you feel pressure to prove yourself here? You were middle of the pack in Season 22 and never won a leg and you were in the back the first three legs this time.
 Well, you always want to do well. But it's so crazy because this time around there hasn't yet been an equalizer. Where you started on the leg was where you were going to end. Legs were really short, to be honest. They were really easy this time around and no one was making mistakes. It was really hard to pass anyone, so where you started was where you were going to end, which was kind of frustrating. But we had to deal with it and were trying to keep our cool.
Meghan: We figured there would be an equalizer. After watching the Race for this long, there hasn't yet been like a three-hour wait for everyone on the same flight or like an eight-hour wait for some place to open. It just seemed like they wanted one of those three teams on the second flight to get out. Seriously, there wasn't going to be a chance for any of the three of us to pull ahead of the first flight. It was kind of ridiculous. We had come to terms with that, like, "OK. Guess this is the way the Race is gonna be this time."

Did you find having three other teams from your season on this season help at all? 
 We weren't ever going to say we were in an alliance, but we're good friends with John and Jessica after our season. We've hung out with them. Going into All-Stars, we did want to help each other whenever we could. The Race was so much fun to run with them. It picked up right where we left off last time in Bali. It was really cool to have that experience with them again even though our journey was short.

What are you up to now?
Meghan: We are working hard. We are working on our YouTube channel. I just released an EP.
Joey: We're working on a web series together, which is a live-action animated series. It's probably going to come out in the next few months. I'm also working on Season 2 of my web series Storytellers.

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