Jet and Cord, Amazing Race

They survived back-to-back close-call legs, but cowboys/brothers Jet and Cord McCoy couldn't make another comeback on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business Sunday. After Jet was the only Racer to redo the Roadblock of measuring the length of Liechtenstein — and was left out of the answer sharing circle — the fan favorites had their fates sealed when they were U-Turned by the Globetrotters in Zermatt, Switzerland. Still, the self-proclaimed "lone rangers" don't think their independent style of racing hurt them in a leg where so many teams worked together. "If we had an alliance with the Globetrotters, I think in the same situation, they would've done exactly what they did," Jet tells "An alliance might give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, but I don't know if it's going to save you." See what else the Season 16 alums have to say about their exit, if they would've used the U-Turn and why Gary rocks.

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Jet, what happened with the Roadblock? How did you get so lost?
I got lost pretty much just like everybody else did, I think. Basically, I kept backtracking. Every time I backtracked, I would check the odometer again to see how far I had to backtrack. ... When I would get lost, I would just guess how far I got lost and then subtract that off what my total odometer reading was, but apparently I was a lot more lost than I thought I was!

Were you and Gary working together when he was drafting off of you and you left him?
Not really. ... We just talked about what we had at that point. We took off and Gary was going way slower than I was and I thought, "Well, I could either wait and go slow with him" or go on. And I didn't think that he was any closer to having the answer than I was, so I thought I might as well go on. We weren't really working together; I was trying to save time.

Obviously, you didn't know at the time that teams were sharing the answer with each other.
No. And I wasn't really that concerned when I turned around because it was really difficult to get the right odometer reading. When I saw Flight Time, I thought there would be at least one team behind me. The funny thing was, Flight Time told me what he had and I'm pretty sure after that, he must've turned around and found somebody with the answer because we were pretty close to the end. He knew he had the wrong answer and was like, "I'm not going all the way back." I didn't realize that everyone was swapping answers. I didn't see [Zev and Justin, and Kisha and Jen] when I was coming back.

What do you think about all the answer-sharing?
I think it would've been really cool if I had been involved! [Laughs]

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How long did it take you for you to complete it altogether? Cord, what were you thinking at the time?
Cord: "Oh, what a beautiful castle to hang out in!" [Laughs] It was pretty awesome.
Jet: I think about three hours. The top speed on that thing was about 20 or 25 miles per hour, and it was 22 kilometers. Add in the time I got lost and three trips, I think about three hours.
Cord: It was a little chilly on all that concrete, so I was definitely rooting for Jet to get there. I think the longer you waited, you come to the realization that you're going to have to step it up more and more. I had no idea [how far behind we were when we left]. Long ways!

The edit made it seem like it was a footrace to the U-Turn box between you and the Globetrotters. Was it?
Well, there were so many hotels in that town and so many side streets. It would be purely coincidental if you passed another team. We passed Gary and Mallory. If you noticed, hardly any of the teams passed each other. Everybody was going in so many different directions, it's hard to say how far they were ahead of us.

Were you surprised that you were U-Turned?
I wasn't surprised that we were U-Turned, but I was surprised that we were the only ones. As a tactic on the Race, historically, people would try to U-Turn the stronger teams. I figured one of the other teams would be U-Turned, especially since this was the last Double U-Turn. We were still optimistic because if there was somebody else that was U-Turned, then it's just us and them head to head in one task.

Would you have U-Turned the Globetrotters or anyone else if you were in their position?
I don't know. I think we went into the Race not looking behind us. If you beat someone to the U-Turn box, nobody can U-Turn you. I guess you have to be there in that instance and decide. It's easy to sit on your couch with your remote and say exactly what you would do. When you're in the heat of the moment, you have to make the best decision you can at that time. I'd have to be there.

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Do you think the leg was poorly designed? Usually the Detour and U-Turn are in the beginning of the leg, so the U-Turned teams have a chance to catch up at the Roadblock, but it was reversed here.
I don't think so. You can talk about the layout of the course. On the other hand, everybody's running the same course. If it would've been different, we would've dealt with whatever came at that time. I don't think the layout really changed too much.

Did you actually finish all the cheese at the fondue Detour?
No, we didn't get it all down. [They] eventually gave us the clue.

I don't know if you saw, but Gary said on Twitter that you guys are the best team to never win the Race.
Aw, Gary said that? What a nice guy!
Cord: Gary rocks! He's a cool guy.
Jet: I will have to say that Gary and Mallory, from the first time they were on the Race, have been one of my favorite teams. Racing with Gary was definitely cool. I don't say that just because he said good things about us. When he's on the Race, he's all business. Don't get me wrong, he's super nice, always polite and cordial, but he is all business. He doesn't get wrapped up in the emotion of the Race. He doesn't get caught up in anything else. When he shows up, he shows up to race and I always appreciated that.

Would you come back for a third Race?
I don't know. I got engaged before we took off the first time and then I got married two days before we took off this time. Jet said if I go ahead and have a kid, we'd go a third time!
Jet: As soon as we find out Cord's wife is pregnant, I'll be looking for a phone call! [Laughs]