Flight Time & Big Easy

The final Amazing Race: Unfinished Business task — assembling a trailer park — was all about the details, and unfortunately for Herb "Flight Time" Lang and Nate "Big Easy" Lofton, they glossed over one that cost them the $1 million. "I think we could've been there longer if we didn't [look at Kisha and Jen's table setting]," Big Easy tells TVGuide.com. "It was about the small details. With the wind blowing everything, it was just something that we missed." The Harlem Globetrotters are, however, happy to "finish strong" and complete all 12 legs. See what else they have to say about their time on the Race, sharing answers, and get their side on Gnome-gate.

Amazing Race's Jen and Kisha: We feel very accomplished

How far behind Kisha and Jen were you?
Flight Time:
I think they left the trailer park anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes before we did. We were trying to figure out why they got to leave when everything basically looked the same. When we walked over, that's when we noticed the plate settings on the table.

When did you realize you couldn't catch up to them?
Flight Time:
[Laughs] When we got on the bridge and we didn't see them in sight! ... It was a pretty straight shot to the Seven-Mile Bridge, so we didn't think they got lost. Once we jumped on the bikes and they weren't in sight, we tried to finish up as strong as we could. ... I'm not sure how long it took them to get down the bridge, but it took us a good 15 or 20 minutes.

Why do you have such bad poker faces? Did you know you were tipping everyone off about the earlier flight to Rio in the travel agency?
Big Easy:
Well, I was thinking we are not going to lie to anybody. They know that. [Laughs] When they asked about the flight, we were silent. You could see Herb yawning. It's hard for us to lie to anybody on the Race and we're not going to just give the information, but we're not going to lie either. They knew by us saying nothing that there was another flight. It's always good to get a couple hours' advantage, but it worked out the way it worked out.

Some fans don't like that you got answers from Zev and Justin throughout the Race.
Flight Time:
The thing about the Race is — the second time especially — we didn't make any alliances, but the longer you lasted, the more some of us became friends. All of us in the final four hung out from the first part of the Race. It worked to our advantage. You don't get to see everything that happens. We also shared information with people, but they didn't show it.
Big Easy: Yeah, like in India, I helped Justin and Jen a lot finding [some of the holy men]. We definitely helped them out too, and they know that.

Amazing Race's Kent and Vyxsin: The Globetrotters were "very appalling"

Flight Time, when you told Gary the answer in Liechtenstein, were you trying to eliminate the cowboys since you knew Jet had to restart the task?
Flight Time:
Not really. I know it seems like that when you watch it. We like the cowboys, but we didn't talk to them that much except for, "Hi. What's up? How's it going?" I didn't know if Vyxsin would have to go back as well; it turned out she didn't. I didn't really talk to [the Goths] that much either — not that I had any problems with them, but we weren't close. We hung out with Gary and Mallory, Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen the whole Race. It was easy for me to tell Gary ... because I didn't want him to go back. I think he would've done the same for me. It was no personal vendetta against the cowboys or anyone. We received some flak from the cowboys' fans for U-Turning them because they're one of the most popular teams, but when it comes down to us or them, I'm not going to eliminate myself!

So what happened with the chocolate gnome? Was your mold stolen?
Flight Time:
I was working the fastest. The people who were assisting me knew that I had completed pretty much the top and the bottom part. When I went to get mine, I looked at every one in the refrigerator and mine was not there. We don't know who took it. Most of the people said that Vyxsin took it. We're not sure if she did, but it's just something that happened. I moved forward. I know I completed the part I said I did. I ended up working on somebody else's gnome.
Big Easy:
My thing was if you're going to beat us, beat us. We're not going to cheat. I don't know if Vyxsin took it. I wasn't paying attention. Everybody around said Vyxsin took it. I don't know if she did, but I know my teammate's saying someone took his mold and I'm going to believe my teammate that someone took it. She was behind everyone and then all of the sudden, Flight Time's mold is missing and she's ahead of everyone. People started putting two and two together. It wasn't a big deal. It was a funny episode.

They're still upset about it. They said you bullied them the whole task, and Kent called you guys Flight Sleazy and Big Temper. Do you have anything to say about that?
Big Easy:
We don't have anything to say about that. I have two kids and I don't bully anybody. If you look up "bullying," it's not accusing somebody of taking something. We had a great time on the Race. We got along with everyone. We have nothing bad to say about Kent and Vyxsin.
Flight Time: We have no problem with Kent and Vyxsin. We didn't bully them or anyone. I'm not sure why they felt that way. Maybe because everyone was accusing her at first, but we all moved on to finish the task. I even told Vyxsin while we were doing the challenge, "It's OK. Don't worry about it. We're good."

Can you guys move on from "Franz" now?
Big Easy:
Why we talking about "Franz"? [Laughs] Nah. It's definitely easier for us to deal with that. And like we've said, if it wasn't for us not winning that Race, we wouldn't have had a chance to be on this Race. This was an even better Race. We got to do all the legs. It was a blast.

Amazing Race's Jet and Cord: It would've been "really cool" if someone told us the answer

You guys were singing and dancing a lot. Do you secretly want to be on American Idol?
Flight Time:
We're basketball players. We're entertainers and we just wanted to show people that you can have fun and be competitive. At the end of the day, it's a TV show. We had fun and we showed that. It was nothing different from what we do in our everyday life. We just had a chance to show the world a little bit of our personalities outside of the basketball court.

Are there full versions of the Liechtenstein song or the hay one?
Flight Time:
[Laughs] We might just mix them all into one!