Caroline and Jennifer

Caroline and Jennifer got, uh, bogged down on The Amazing Race finale when Jen needed three attempts to swim across a freezing, muddy bog in Belfast, Northern Ireland. "That was such a stressful day for us," she tells "If I had gotten it right the first time, I would've been OK. But getting in the second time, I just felt claustrophobic." Worse, the country singers got lost afterward and in the end, it wasn't a close finish for the final finale spot at all. Find out how much time they lost, what song they've written for Bates and Anthony and if a flying squirrel really died in Caroline's bra.

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Why did you have such a hard time in the bog, Jen?
I'm not a really good swimmer to begin with, but that wasn't it. It was so cold. I was just frozen. My hands and feet were numb and you just cramp up. That bog was awful, just the worst. ... And I couldn't breathe in my wetsuit. It was choking me. I had to change wetsuits because my first one was too small.
Caroline: And Jen decided to add that extra jump off the bridge on the other side. Might as well make it a little more exciting for yourself. [Laughs]

She didn't want to get out. That's why she did it three times.
Exactly! She couldn't get enough of it. Basically she's lying to you. She loves the bog and didn't want it to end. We spent about an hour there. And we probably could've caught up. We weren't totally discouraged. But then we freakin' got lost. And if they ever invite us back to All-Stars — which I really hope they do — we would get a map right away and find Internet. Never trust someone's opinion. It's hard to do that when you're rushing. Your head's not on straight. We did the graffiti super-fast, so we probably could've caught up if we didn't get lost finding it.

Do you know how far behind you were at the end?
Well, we were an hour behind after the bog, but since we got lost, it probably became two hours, and we think they beat us by an hour.

Why did you follow Mona and Beth to Peatsland Park instead of your alliance?
We had the directions too and it seemed like that was the right way. We actually turned before Mona and Beth did when we realized we had to go back. It was literally two minutes we were behind, but that ended up being a big difference because we missed the first train to get to the bog.
Caroline: And looking back, Max was really good at directions. He always knew where he was going. We would definitely follow him again.

Do you think you followed too much? When you were by yourselves, you got lost most of the time.
I think we probably followed as much as everybody else followed. We went out by ourselves a lot. Everyone got lost. A couple times when we got lost, we were like, "Oh, my God! We're the only team that's lost." Then you realize other teams got lost too. When you don't have a phone, no map, there's a language barrier, it's just really hard.
Caroline: And sometimes when there's a pack of you, you don't necessarily want to go out on your own when you don't really know where you're going. What if you're wrong and they're all right and you get separated from the pack? I think that's why it's so stressful. There are a million thoughts going through your head all the time and you have to pick the right thing to do and you never know what that is.

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Are you mad that Anthony helped Mona and Beth with the menu? He said it was an accident. But they could still be there right now if it weren't for him.
Jen: We are so mad at Anthony! [Laughs] I think we had a really good cast. Everyone was really nice. No one was trying to backstab each other. We might have had alliances, but everybody still liked each other and it's human nature to want to help people. But then you're like, "Oh, my God! I'm in a race! I can't help."

What's going on between the four of you? There was a lot of flirting.
Well, we're getting married. We're having a double wedding. You're invited. You can be the flower girl; we need one. TV Guide can come cover the whole thing!

Nice. Just send a Save the Date. Have you written a song about them yet?
Yes, "Hockey Heartbreakers."  [Laughs] The chorus is, like, "You played with our heart like a puck on a rink / just slapping it around and it never meant a thing."
Jennifer: Oh, my God, Caroline! You are insane!

Phil told me that he thought you two, not the guys, knew where to draw the line with the flirting and race.
We helped them so much! They wouldn't have made it to Scotland if it wasn't for us. We saved them so many times. It's so funny how everyone's like, "Oh, the girls just followed the guys." They never knew where they were going.
Caroline: The thing about Jen and me is ... we love people and we love love. So when we meet people that we like, we can't help but hug them. It comes across as flirty, but we're not trying to be their girlfriends. We just love everybody.

Did you offer Bates your thongs like you said you would?
I offered him my thongs, but he didn't take it.
Caroline: He's lying. He did. He has a thing for them.

He does. He says he likes them.
Well, I mean, he's got a tight little hockey booty, so he's got to show it off.
Jennifer: I did give him my deodorant, which probably saved him, or saved his brother at least.

Did you ever consider U-Turning them if you had the chance?
No, we didn't, but if we had to, we would've. At the end of the day, we were in it for ourselves. But we didn't want to U-Turn anyone.
Caroline: And luckily we didn't have to. Jen and I are really competitive, but we compete against ourselves. We're in a tough industry in country music and we've been through a lot of trials and tribulations, and we have a very tough, persistent spirit, but we're not mean competitors. It's hard for us to wish ill upon other people. In The Amazing Race, we would take care of ourselves if we had to, but we were so relieved when we didn't have to U-Turn anyone.

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You guys got really lucky in Botswana when that guy actually exchanged $200 for your speeding ticket.
Yeah, and a randomly gave us $200 the day before on the airplane as just a donation. We were like, "Who gives somebody $200?" Everyone we met was so nice. We thought, "Oh my God! We're rich. We can buy food and bottled water." You can't tell people you're on the Race, but people will figure it out when they see a bunch of people with backpacks and cameramen. People gave money to racers all the time, but usually it was like $10 or $20. This guy gave us $200 and our ticket was $180. It was a godsend.

What's the deal with the flying squirrel that died in your bra, Caroline?
[Laughs] That's a true story. I had one and I'd keep him in between my boobs and carried him around, and people had no idea. It slept most of the time, but it would pop out every now and then, and people would be like, "What is that?!" But then one day he died in between my boobs. It was really sad.

What are you up to now?
Caroline moved to Austin for a split second. She had a little meltdown. [Laughs] But now she's back, so we're just writing some music.
Caroline: We'll see where the road leads us. ... Maybe that includes All-Stars!

You can only do All-Stars if you finish writing "Hockey Heartbreakers."
[Laughs] Deal!

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