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As if Ellen DeGeneres needed more bad news. The Los Angeles Times reports that CBS execs have decided to retool the Emmy-winning comedienne's upcoming comedy, slated to debut at midseason. It's unclear whether the show's original format — a Larry Sanders-esque show-within-a-show — is being jettisoned. Last month, DeGeneres and her partner of more than three years, Anne Heche, announced that they had split. read more


Well, it's apparently over for good. British tabloids are reporting that Meg Ryan has counterfiled for divorce from husband Dennis Quaid, despite rumors that the couple were attempting a reconciliation. The Sleepless in Seattle actress cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. Quaid filed for divorce in July, following scuttlebutt that Ryan was having an affair with Gladiator hunk Russell Crowe. read more


Just as he was about to become a Trivial Pursuit question, Alfonso Ribeiro emerges from obscurity. The former Fresh Prince of Bel Air sidekick will replace Christopher Reid (Kid of Kid 'n' Play) as host of the syndicated talent show Your Big Break. The weekly series kicks off its second season on Sept. 23. read more


Saturday Night Live's Horatio Sanz will co-write and star in a comedy film about an overweight tennis player, according to The Hollywood Reporter.... Oprah Winfrey will open her talk show's 15th season on Sept. 11 with Vice President and presidential candidate Al Gore as a guest.... A Southern California-based firm, 30 Minute Photos Etc., has pulled its advertising from MTV's Video Music Awards in protest of Eminem's appearance, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company's president cites the rapper's violent, homophobic lyrics as the reason.... On her upcoming pop album, Heart of a Woman (due Oct. 24), Kathie Lee Gifford goes the way of Madonna and Cher by billing herself simply as Kathie Lee, reports USA Today. — Michael Ausiello read more


Cher is returning to television — but thankfully, she won't be peddling face cream at 3 am. Variety reports that the Oscar-winning diva has acquired the rights to Style Challenge, a British show that is similar to E!'s Fashion Emergency. Cher would serve as executive producer of the series, which features guests receiving makeovers. It could debut in syndication as early as next year. read more


Danny DeVito is in talks to star as a Barney-type children's character in the comedy Death to Smoochie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. DeVito would play the man behind Smoochie, a big blue rhinoceros character targeted for assassination. The film, slated to begin shooting this fall, apparently will portray the business of children's programming as ruthless. read more


CBS reportedly has forbidden Survivor winner Rich Hatch from hosting the season opener of NBC's Saturday Night Live. According to, SNL approached the world's most famous 39-year-old gay corporate trainer to kick off the show's new season in October. But CBS, which had all of the contestants sign a contract giving the network complete control over their television and media appearances for the next year, nixed the deal. An SNL spokesperson was unavailable for comment at press time. read more

The Trouble With Therapy

She might play a therapist on the new ABC sitcom The Trouble With Normal (Fridays, 8:30 pm/ET), but Paget Brewster is one of the last people you're ever likely to catch in a shrink's chair.

"Where I come from, therapy is for weirdos," the Massachusetts native says. "You also don't get in there and tinker and screw around because, you know, all kinds of garbage can come out of you and then you're really messed up."

Still, the star says getting the Trouble gig ? along with co-stars Larry Joe Campbell, Jon Cryer, David Krumholtz and Brad Raider ? might be a sign that it's time to give psychiatry a shot. "I do feel compelled, but I just can't bring myself to do it," she admits. "I'm scared they're going to find out something is really wrong with me, and I feel like I'm a pretty well-functioning adult."

The actress also fears that if she starts undergoing real-life counseling, she might find herself arguing with the show's wri read more

Dreyfuss Down but Not Out

Richard Dreyfuss admits that the bombshell he dropped a while back on Charlie Rose ? in which he announced he was retiring from acting ? was blown way out of proportion.

"I said I wanted to retire and all hell broke loose," the 52-year-old screen vet tells TV Guide Online. "People actually got upset with me for saying that. Charlie Rose was quite puzzled as to what I meant."

So, what did the Oscar winner (The Goodbye Girl) mean? "[I] wasn't going to a retirement village, but I meant I didn't necessarily have to act anymore," he clarifies. "The thing that drove me for most of my life is over. It kind of went away. In a sense, I am in retirement. I do what I want to do. Limited only by the need of money."

Dreyfuss came out of early retirement to play an aging mobster in The Crew, which opened last weekend to a disappointing $4.05 million gross. Although he's proud of the finished product, filming on location in Miami last summer read more

Survivor's Rudy Not So Rosie

Move over Sue and Kelly, there's a new Survivor feud brewing ? this time between 72-year-old Rudy Boesch and talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell. At a homecoming bash ? dubbed Rudypalooza ? in Virginia Beach, VA, Boesch revealed that he was appearing on The Rosie O'Donnell Show next Tuesday "to find out why she doesn't like me."

A Rosie rep confirmed that Boesch is scheduled to be a guest on Tuesday's Survivor-themed season premiere, but added that the host has no vendetta against the grumpy old man. "I don't think she's expressed any kind of negative feelings towards him at all," the spokesperson tells TV Guide Online. "[Besides], we've been on hiatus since June. We only aired one show after the first Survivor and she didn't say anything about Rudy specifically. So whatever he's perceiving as animosity, I don't know where he's getting that information from."

The former Navy SEAL received nothing but love Tuesday nig read more

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