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Jennifer Lopez can no longer claim to have the top film and album in the country. The actress-singer's second album, J.Lo, was bumped from the top spot by Shaggy's Hotshot, which made it to No. 1 after 26 weeks on the charts. Lopez can also expect her movie, The Wedding Planner — which has spent two consecutive weeks at No. 1 — to get eaten alive by Hannibal this weekend. read more


The WB has pulled the low-rated freshman sketch comedy Hype off the air and replaced it with reruns of its Sunday night lead-in, Steve Harvey, TV Guide Online has learned. Although a network rep couldn't confirm if the show would return at a later date, an insider concedes, "It's as good as cancelled." read more


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Dr. Laura — the controversial and low-rated talk show hosted by radio personality Laura Schlessinger — will temporarily cease production this week. However, the program's distributor, Paramount, insists the struggling series has not been cancelled and will resume production in March. But why? — Michael Ausiello with Daniel R. Coleridge read more


Hollywood has been blindsided again with word that Halle Berry wed fianc&#233 Eric Benet in a small, hush-hush ceremony two weeks ago. Let's just hope the hit-and-run bombshell lets her new hubby take the driver's seat in this relationship! read more

Julianne Moore "Visits" Ally McBeal

David Duchovny and Julianne Moore are the latest Hollywood heavies to pay a visit to Fox's Ally McBeal. When a fire broke out last week on the set of their latest film, the Ivan Reitman-directed sci-fi comedy Evolution, the duo took cover on the show's nearby soundstage.

"David Duchovny and I got into a golf cart and went to Ally McBeal," Moore tells TV Guide Online with a laugh. Once there, the two-time Oscar nominee sought out her good pals Lucy Liu and James LeGros (her co-star in The Myth of Fingerprints). "[James's] call [time] wasn't until 12 o'clock, so we went to Lucy Liu's dressing room. She has a couch... it's nice in there."

Considering the events that had just transpired, it's no surprise that Moore was anxious to kick back and relax. Cast and crew — including a swarm of extras clad in gorilla suits — were forced to flee Evolution's Manhattan Beach, Calif., set when a 15-foot read more


General Hospital supercouple Frisco and Felicia split up long ago, and sadly, their married portrayers, Jack Wagner (Titans) and Kristina Wagner, have followed suit in real life. According to sources, Kristina has filed for divorce. read more

Lisa Ling's Shocking Viewing Habits

The View's Lisa Ling admits she's tempted by the controversial Fox reality series Temptation Island. In fact, the 27-year-old Ling — who can be seen hosting the WB's G-rated special, "20 Teens Who Will Change the World," Friday at 8 pm/ET — says the lust-driven game show is, gasp!, educational.

"I have to say that I'm pretty addicted to Temptation Island right now, but not for the typical salacious reasoning," Ling tells TV Guide Online. "What I like about Temptation Island is that jealousy and infidelity are issues that face every couple in the world, and by watching this show you can watch idiots make fools of themselves, but learn from the mistakes that they make. So, I actually find there to be incredible redeeming social value to the show."

When she's not indulging in some guilty viewing pleasures, Ling says she's happy to participate in celebrations of youth — like Friday's WB/Teen People special. "It was just read more


Oprah Winfrey will headline a new half-hour series for the fledgling Oxygen network, of which she is one of the co-founders. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show — slated to debut sometime this summer — will explore the power of giving through Winfrey's eyes. read more


Teen pop sensation Britney Spears is the choice of a new generation — the Pepsi Generation. The 19-year-old Grammy nominee has signed a deal — described as one of the biggest and most far-reaching agreements ever with an entertainer — to be the soft drink company's new celeb endorser. The first commercial is expected to air during the Academy Awards on ABC on March 25. read more


HBO will air Bruce Springsteen's first televised concert. "Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band" will premiere on the pay-cable network on April 7 at 9 pm/ET. The special was recorded last summer at New York's Madison Square Garden. read more

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