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Men's Woman Kisses and Tells

The National Organization for Women (NOW) may want to dispatch one of its crusaders to the set of the WB's new "Sex and the City for gents" comedy Men, Women & Dogs. In the show's debut episode — airing Sunday at 8:30 pm/ET — surfer dude Eric (Niklaus Lange) french-kisses his loyal pooch Betsy, and before catching his breath, plants a sloppy one on his girlfriend Michelle (Heather Stephens). And if female viewers find that revolting, Stephens says the reality was far more eww-inducing.

"[Niklaus] had sardine oil and chicken-flavored baby food all over his mouth to make sure that the dog would lick him," the actress groans to TV Guide Online. "So, the dog licks him, he jumps into bed, pulls me in and I get a humongous mouthful of chicken and read more

Meet Eminem's New Girlfriend

Rising starlet Brittany Murphy — whose haunting Don't Say a Word catchphrase "I'll never teh-ell" is proving to be this year's "Show me the money!" — is plenty forthcoming when grilled about her newest big-screen leading man, controversial rapper Eminem. The 23-year-old actress recently met the Real Slim Shady in preparation for her role as his girlfriend in The Untitled Detroit Project, an upcoming drama loosely based on the Grammy winner's life.

"He's great. I adore him so far," Murphy gushes to TV Guide Online. "He's a good person. He's an honest person and he's funny and talented — and really lovely to be around."

That's all well and good, but can the potty-mouthed lyricist cut it as a thespian? The odds certainly are not in his favor: When it comes to making the jump from music to movies, for every read more

Medical Woes on Survivor: Africa

Lions and leopards weren't the only menace that the 16 players on Survivor: Africa had to, well, survive. With malaria-bearing mosquitoes in the air and scorpions crawling on the ground, the show's behind-the-scenes medical team was on constant alert — and saw enough patients to pack a season of ER!

Five hours from the nearest city, Survivor doctor Adrian Cohen and team of six medics ran a field hospital in the Kenyan scrubland. With contestants and crew totaling nearly 400, the day-to-day maintenance was high. But don't expect to see any of that medical drama on the air. "If they cut themselves and needed to be stitched up, you would not see that," Cohen tells TV Guide Online. "If it's part of the reason that they leave the show in a dramatic fashion, then you will."

While he's tightlipped about details, we're relatively certain there are no sudden exits like t read more

Bruce Willis: Ex-Action Hero

In his post-Moonlighting years, Bruce Willis became a megastar in a string of action thrillers, starting with 1988's Die Hard. Unfortunately, the recent real-life terrorist attacks have soured his taste for battling baddies onscreen. "I'm not an action hero anymore," Willis declares to TV Guide Online, "and I think it would be inappropriate for me to compare anything that happens in Hollywood and the entertainment industry to the tragic loss of life on Sept. 11.

"I know people who died in that tragedy," he continues. "It's impossible to wrap your mind around what happened there. What happens in Hollywood isn't real — it's about diversion. What I'm trying to do is just entertain people. I'm proud to be an entertainer."

Willis hopes moviegoers will find his screwball comedy read more

Joy Rider Paul Walker

In Joy Ride, a harmless practical joke sends a lonely trucker on a psychotic rampage. Of course, leading stud Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) knows pranksters always run the risk of retaliation, but he still loves messing with people.

"My buddies just got their sweetest revenge," shares the 28-year-old actor, who tasted his own medicine on the golf course when a pal asked for one of his Calloway balls. "I reach in my bag, and something doesn't feel right... I say, 'What is it, man?' — and it's a toad. I jumped a mile!"

While traveling to pick up his dream girl (Leelee Sobieski) in Ride, Walker stops to bail his mischievous older brother (read more

Jane Fonda's Son Talks Politics

Jane Fonda's handsome son, Troy Garity, has inherited more than just showbiz genes. Born to provocative peaceniks from the Vietnam era, the actor's passion for social justice is also his legacy. While his mother earned the nickname "Hanoi Jane" for her liberal activism back in those days, dad Tom Hayden was on trial with the radical Chicago Seven. (He's since earned a distinguished reputation in politics as a California state senator.)

"Growing up, I knew that my parents had a good deal of notoriety and often evoked strong emotions from people," says Garity, who co-stars in the screwball comedy Bandits (opening Friday). "But for every person who threw a stone at our house read more

Felicity Enters Senior Year

On tonight's fourth-season premiere of Felicity, our favorite coed finds herself at a major crossroads as she embarks on her senior year of college. "We're focusing very much on Felicity's love life versus her real life," explains the show's executive producer/co-creator J.J. Abrams, "meaning she's about to graduate college, and is she any better off now than when she first got there?"

Well, if this four-star episode — written by Abrams and directed by his Felicity partner, Matt Reeves — proves anything, it's that this WB drama is never better than when it explores the internal struggles of its title heroine. To that end, Abrams and co. have resurrected a popular character from the first and second seasons: Felicity's audio pen pal-slash-sounding board Sally. And that's not the read more

Billy Bob Reacts to Sept. 11

Billy Bob Thornton — who co-stars with Bruce Willis in the screwball comedy Bandits (opening Friday) — is accustomed to fielding queries about his love life, quirky hang-ups and general rep as one of Hollywood's oddest individuals. And, in most cases, the actor's equipped with an equally eccentric response. Yet, when asked for his reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Thornton isn't quite sure what to say.

"I kind of feel guilty saying, 'Well, I'm just trying to make it through,' because I'm living in Los Angeles, the sun is out, and everything's okay here," he candidly admits. "We have no idea what it's like to be one of the people who are really suffering."

Thornton says he and wife read more

Question: Sir, could you ...

Question: Sir, could you please tell me who the main stars were on Wagon Train? Thank you. — Teri B.

Televisionary: Thanks for the respect, Teri (I get so little), but as the old boot-camp admonishment goes, you don't call me "sir" — I work for a living!

There are a few answers to that question, the first being the cast list (which I'll run down in a moment) and the second being a list of guest-stars, since episodes revolved around one-shot characters who came and went. But any fan of the show would whittle it down to one actor — the opinionated, tough-as-leather Ward Bond.

In the series, which ran on NBC from 1957-62 before jumping to ABC and finishing out its run there in 1965, Bond played Major Seth Adams, who led the train each season from St. Louis to California with assistant wagonmaster Bill Hawks (Terry Wilson) and cook Charlie Wooster (Frank McGrath) by his side. Flint McCullough (Robert Horton) was th read more

Creek Star Becomes a Legend

When recent high-school grad Pacey Witter heads back to Dawson's Creek this season (which kicks off tomorrow night), he'd better take a paddle, because his big brother might not be around to bail him out of trouble. Seems Deputy Doug's portrayer, Dylan Neal, may soon have bigger fish to fry, thanks to his starring role in the upcoming Sci Fi Channel movie/pilot Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers.

"Legend shoots in Vancouver, and I'd be sort of the lead on the show," he tells TV Guide Online, "so I don't see how I would have time to fly all the way to Wilmington, N.C., to shoot a scene for Creek."

Having recently shot an episode of the teen soap ("I got to go visit the kids, see how they're doing"), he now finds himself playing a waiting game. And while Legend seems likely to be given a green light, experience has taught Neal to put the brakes on his own enthusiasm. "In 1999, I had eig read more

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