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The WB is on one heck of a roll this season! The network's new Batman drama Birds of Prey had a rockin' debut Wednesday, attracting 7.6 million viewers and helping the WB finish second for the night among adults 18-34. read more


Maybe it's time Heather Locklear paid The West Wing a visit. Despite its third consecutive Emmy victory, NBC's White House saga is purging viewers faster than The Drew Carey Show. (Compared to this time last year, West Wing is off 33 percent among adults 18-49.) The latest sign that President Bartlet's approval rating is dropping: Wednesday's episode was trumped in the ratings by a program on — yikes! — ABC! Yes, among adults 18-49, ABC's match-making reality series The Bachelor beat WW by 31 percent. (WW prevailed among total viewers 15.7 million to 12.8 million, but still.) Meanwhile, TV insiders are speculating that the show's rapid decline will likely have an impact on upcoming negotiations between Warner Bros. and NBC to increas read more


Sean Connery has filed a $17 million lawsuit against Mandalay Pictures over the shelved spy thriller End Game. Connery claims Mandalay was not able to finance the production, but strung him along for two years "in an attempt to hold themselves out to the entertainment industry as a viable production company." The erstwhile James Bond — who was to receive $17 million for the pic — alleges intentional and negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment and breach of oral contract. read more


David Letterman (sort of) got his wish to have a roadway named after him in his native Indianapolis. Officials in the Indianapolis suburb of Lawrence approved a resolution on Monday to rename a remote, backwoods dirt road "David Drive." If that wasn't enough of an insult, when the new street sign was erected on Tuesday, one side was misspelled "Daivd." Ouch! (The gaffe was corrected Wednesday morning.) All this is a far cry from Letterman's original request, to have Interstate 465 redubbed the "David Letterman Expressway." read more


Wanna have sex with a major Hollywood celebrity? Well, Irish hunk Colin Farrell appears to be taking applications. "Look, I'm into casual sex now," he tells W magazine's November issue. "I've been in love three times. That's enough for a 26-year-old. It really is. For the time being. So literally, I come into town and bang whoever I can — but I'm not mean or egotistical about it." (But he can be, if that's what you're into.) read more


Sex and the City creator Darren Star is joining forces with Priscilla Presley to produce a remake of the 1968 Peter Sellers slapstick comedy The Party. Star may direct the feature as well. read more


Forget his soapy stint on Falcon Crest! Lorenzo Lamas currently is embroiled in a real-life drama: We're talkin' divorce Hollywood-style with his wife, ex-Playboy pin-up Shauna Sand. Extra reports Lamas has filed a restraining order against her. Meanwhile, she alleges that he's lied about money matters, cut off their joint bank accounts and credit cards without her okay, and even accuses him of infidelity. With their three daughters in the mix — Lamas also has three other kids from two previous marriages — this ain't gonna be pretty, folks. read more

Push, Nevada's Twin Peaks Connection

Here's a good mystery for ya: Will ABC's self-consciously quirky Push, Nevada remain on the TV map long enough to award one lucky viewer the $1 million producers promised? With the show dying a slow death in the Nielsens, it certainly appears unlikely that the drama/reality contest hybrid will fulfill its 13-episode commitment. In the meantime, as the network pieces together that unfortunate puzzle, we've been busy solving an even frothier brain-teaser: Why is everyone accusing Push, Nevada of being nothing more than a poor man's Twin Peaks? Clearly, the two shows have nothing in common. Well, okay... maybe one or two things. Let's examine the evidence.

Twin Peaks
Population: 10,623
Lead investigator: FBI agent Dale Cooper — out to expose a murderer — can't resist sweet cherry pie.
Sexpot alert: Resident tease Audrey develop read more

Soul Food Star's Big Brawl

Nicole Ari Parker may play a straight-laced lawyer on the Showtime drama Soul Food, but when it comes to her career on the big screen, she's taking the mitts off. In her new film Brown Sugar (opening tomorrow), the actress gets in a heated confrontation with Sanaa Lathan over mutual crush Taye Diggs. Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that flying fists and acid tongues are the weapons of choice.

"Everyone's talking about that [fight] scene," laughs Parker. "Does it look like I hurt Sanaa? [Because] there is nothing tough about me at all.

"People don't know this," she continues, "[but] when you're in those kinds of scenes, you know what you're t read more


Some potential good news for Winona Ryder: A Los Angeles judge will decide on Tuesday whether or not to grant a motion by prosecutors to drop a felony drug charge against the actress. Ryder was in illegal possession of a painkiller when she was arrested for shoplifting in December 2001. She still faces three other felony charges in the case. read more

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