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Despite recent rumors, the WB is not canceling Kevin Williamson's struggling suspenser, Glory Days — but there has been a backstage shakeup. The Frog has cut this season's order down to just 10 episodes, instead of the 13 originally requested. As previously reported, Glory will leave its Wednesday night post-Dawson's Creek timeslot, moving to Mondays at 9 pm/ET after 7th Heaven beginning on March 11. "We're going to see if we can find a more considerable audience there," a WB exec tells TV Guide Online, insisting that their ax isn't hovering over the series: "We're still trying to make it work." read more


Boy band überproducer Lou Pearlman — whose previous acts include 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys — is under investigation by the Florida Department of Labor. The inquiry was launched after the mother of two Take 5 members filed a complaint against Pearlman, accusing him of making her kids work 14-hour days with no grocery money. Pearlman denies the charges. read more


Elizabeth Taylor's lagging film career just got a major boost: Her good pal Michael Jackson has invested between $15 million and $20 million in the movie-making company MDP Worldwide Entertainment. Meanwhile, the Gloved One will not perform at Wednesday's Grammy Awards — although he still may attend. read more


"If you have to go out just for a walk, just for a hug that lasts an hour, just for French kisses for 10 minutes, who cares? Sometimes, you don't feel like a sexy lover, so passionate, so hot. That's normal." — New mom Celine Dion, on how she and hubby Rene Angelil keep the homefires burning, in an interview with Redbook. — Michael Ausiello with Daniel R. Coleridge read more

Question: I am a huge fan of ...

Question: I am a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and miss it terribly. My understanding is that they only licensed the rights to the movies they used for a short time, and now that those deals have expired, they can't be commercially sold. What's up with that? Is my only recourse to buy potentially poor copies on eBay? — Terrie

Televisionary: What are you implying, Terrie, that the people who would tape the show off the air and then profit by selling it to you (making you both parties to copyright infringement) might not be entirely trustworthy? Don't answer that question — you don't have to.

A selection of the best episodes, including my personal favorites Manos: Hands of Fate and Pod People, are available from Rhino Home Video. But I firmly believe your viewing will be more enjoyable if you read my MST3K column before you make your rentals or purchases.

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Question: I could swear Andy ...

Question: I could swear Andy Taylor was a jack-of-all-trades and had several jobs on The Andy Griffith Show, but a co-worker says I'm nuts and that he was always just the sheriff. Who's right? There's no bet riding on this, just pride. Thanks. — Jim A., Hartford, Conn.

Televisionary: You've got a respectable memory there, Jim. (Don't get any ideas, though — there's only room for one Televisionary in this town.) Feel free to claim a good chunk of your office mate's pride because you're right on this one.

When The Andy Griffith Show first launched as a spinoff of The Danny Thomas Show and began its eight-year run on CBS in October 1960, Sheriff Andy Taylor (Matlock's Andy G read more

Question: On the January 31 ...

Question: On the January 31 episode of Will &#038 Grace, the actress who played the new bride of Grace's ex-fianc&#233 looks so familiar to me. I know she was on some sitcom but I just can't place her. Her voice was even more familiar to me than her face. Please tell me what sitcom she was on previously as a regular. It is driving me crazy trying to place her! Thank you very much!

Televisionary: Glad to be of service. The young lady who played the distressed bride-to-be on that episode of the hit sitcom was none other than Jennifer Aspen, whose last regular gig was playing Jason Alexander's daffy ex on ABC's failed Bob Patterson.

Before that, you may have seen her as Daphne, mother to Charlie's daughter Diana, on Fox's Party of Five. She's also done guest appearances on such series as Beverly Hill read more

Question: Here's the clue: ...

Question: Here's the clue: Frank and Carol on Friday night. With his and hers and a nephew not bright. Can you tell me the show? Thanks — Sandy B.

Televisionary: I'll see your poem, Sandy:

"So now it's rhyme with which you seek
To leave me flummoxed, vexed and weak?"

And raise you a haiku:

"Sitcom Step by Step,
With stars Duffy and Somers...
Dumb, yet successful"

(Oh, yeah — Patrick and Suzanne's show ran on ABC from September 1991 to July 1998 and the dim nephew, Cody, was played by Sasha Mitchell. You can only fit so much info into poetry, y'know.)

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John Q star Denzel Washington won the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Image Award for best actor for the fifth time on Saturday. He took home the trophy for this role as a corrupt cop in Training Day, the part which also garnered him an Oscar nod. Best Actress kudos went to Halle Berry for her role in last summer's Swordfish. (Berry is also nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Monster's Ball.) Best Movie honors were presented to the biographical pic Ali. The awards are set to air March 1 on Fox. read more

Mel Gibson's Great Challenge

We know who Oscar-winning producer-director Mel Gibson won't be casting as Alexander the Great in HBO's upcoming $120 million, 10-part epic miniseries: Gibson's Patriot co-star Heath Ledger. The young actor has just been tapped to star in Oliver Stone's dueling big-screen biopic, Alexander. So, who is on Gibson's short list to play the legendary Macedonian conqueror?

"I don't want to say anything," Gibson hedges to TV Guide Online. "C'mon, I've got to make a deal!" The Aussie actor — who's producing the project for the pay cabler under his Icon Productions shingle — concedes that, "It's a hard role to cast. He's got to be really good."

Well, Mr. Braveheart better hurry up: read more

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