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Warner Bros. will release The Matrix Reloaded on May 15 2003 — a Thursday. It's the first time the studio has released a movie on a Thursday. (I have a hunch most of America will be at home watching the second-to-last episode of Friends, but that's just me.) The second Matrix sequel, The Matrix Revolutions, opens later that year. read more

Six Feet Under's Surprise Sex Symbol

He has neither Brad Pitt's washboard abs nor Vin Diesel's bulging biceps. But since Six Feet Under cast Ed O'Ross as Nikolai, the thorny Russian florist in whose arms Ruth Fisher has bloomed, the veteran character actor has become Hollywood's new babe magnet.

"It's amazing to see how many women are being turned on to me," the native of Pittsburgh, Pa., tells TV Guide Online, chuckling. "I beat 'em off with sticks and brooms and clubs, that's what I do. Then I let 'em in the house."

The single guy's on-screen canoodling isn't just improving his love life, either. He says that he and leading lady Frances Conroy are doing it, so to speak, read more


Former president Bill Clinton and actor Rupert Everett will appear as panelists on the upcoming MTV special, Staying Alive: A Global Forum on HIV/AIDS... The Parents Television Council will pay World Wrestling Entertainment $3.5 million for claiming four children died after imitating moves they saw on Smackdown! As part of the settlement, PTC said they were sorry... NBC will air four episodes of the popular Court TV series Forensic Files later this summer. read more


Filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen (The Perfect Storm) has signed on to direct the long-in-the-works Batman vs. Superman feature. "It is a clash of the titans," he tells Variety of the 2004 release, which finds the two superheroes coming to blows over their differing philosophies. "They play off of each other so perfectly... They are two sides of the same coin and that is material for great drama." Casting is underway for the two leads. read more


Sharon Stone is in talks to star opposite Rupert Everett in the indie spy drama A Different Loyalty, Variety reports. The 44-year-old actress is also in negotiations to headline the dysfunctional family film Liar's Club. read more


Hollywood is finally realizing what we've known all along: Heather Locklear is worth 10 times her weight in gold. According to Variety, NBC, ABC and Fox are actively bidding to secure Locklear's services. Word is, the actress — who made even the final years of Spin City watchable — wants to headline her own show rather than serve as a mere supporting player. read more


"It's like dating. You show up at the prom and look across the floor and say, 'Maybe I'd have more fun with that girl over there.'" David Letterman discussing with Ted Koppel his recent talks with ABC on last night's Nightline UpClose. read more


Janet Reno is taking a page from those silly Saturday Night Live "Janet Reno Dance Party" skits. On July 10, the Florida gubernatorial candidate is hosting a rave fundraiser at Level, a hip club on Miami's South Beach. Admission is $25 and the celeb guest list includes Damon and Marlon Wayans, Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster. What, no Will Ferrell? read more

Men in Black Brings Back Twister

Ray Bans and black suits aren't the only things regaining their cool quotient thanks to Men in Black II. Retro party game Twister — which makes a memorable cameo in the hit sequel — is also enjoying a bit of a comeback. In the scene, Rosario Dawson challenges a bunch of girl-crazy, worm-like extraterrestrials to a match on the iconic polka-dot mat.

And although Dawson admits to being a bit of a Twister pro in real-life, shooting the sequence gave the 23-year-old star of Josie and the Pussycats little to twist and shout about. "Butt work is really difficult," laments the actress, who had to maintain the same position for hours on (her) end. "It was really uncomfortable... but I had a really good time."

Unlike the majority of MiB II, this particular scene did not feature computer-g read more


His name is David Hasselhoff, and he's got a drinking problem. The former Baywatch mogul has checked himself into the Betty Ford Center for treatment of alcoholism. "He realized his social drinking had increased more than he was comfortable with and he decided to do something about it," said publicist Richard Hoffman. Hasselhoff — who turns 50 next week — entered the facility on June 26. read more

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