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Leo Catches Hooters Alum

Want proof that up-and-coming starlet Amy Adams, who currently can be seen playing Leonardo DiCaprio's Southern sweetie in Catch Me If You Can, has indeed arrived? The media is scouring her closet for skeletons! Luckily, the biggest scandal the press has been able to dredge up was Adams's brief stint as a waitress at busty restaurant chain Hooters.

But as the Colorado native laments to TV Guide Online, the only thing controversial about that gig was that she managed to land it in the first place! "We can all get the irony of me working at Hooters," laughs the actress, glancing down on her modest bosom. "All of the girls there were [much more]... enhanced.

"I was never really good at it," she adds of the job, which she scored shortly after graduating high school. "I could never really manipulate the tips out of the customers, and I wasn't good at flirting."

Adams, whose credits include The read more

About Nicholson: You Don't Know Jack

In Hollywood circles, Jack Nicholson is rumored to be as talented in the boudoir as he is on the set. But the fact of the matter is, his reputation as a playboy could be somewhat exaggerated. That's right — though he has been linked romantically with A-list sweethearts from Anjelica Huston to Lara Flynn Boyle, the dirty dawg might actually be a pussycat!

Here's how we know: Back when the About Schmidt leading man was shooting a scene for 1997's As Good as It Gets with blonde bombshell Julie Benz (Steven Spielberg's Taken), his true colors showed and — surprise, surprise — they weren't red-light-district crimson. "He didn't hit on me," Benz tells TV Guide Online, sounding for all the world like a high school girl stood up on prom night. "I was very disappointed. I think he thought I was really young."

Still, the three-time Oscar winner made quite an impression on the baby-faced starlet read more

A Chicago Star Is Born

Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones are the stars of the film version of Chicago, but it's veteran character actor John C. Reilly who really steals the show — and the moviegoer's sympathy — as Amos Hart, the cuckolded husband of Zellweger's "scintillating sinner," Roxie.

The high point of his Golden Globe-nominated performance comes when he tears into "Mr. Cellophane," one of the musical's best-remembered numbers. It's a perfect match-up between actor and song: Not only does Reilly deliver a soulful rendition of the tune (which has been performed by such Broadway legends as read more

Jason Patric Regrets...

The gritty Detroit cop drama Narc marks Jason Patric's second role as a troubled undercover narcotics detective. His first was Rush, back in 1991. For an actor whose big releases are few and far between, this kind of repetition could be seen as risky. Then again, Patric knows his career path has always been screwy, so why stop now?

"I don't work often enough to repeat myself!" grouses the 36-year-old, whose last film was 1998's disturbing Your Friends and Neighbors. "Rush was over 10 years ago," he reminds us. "I was 24 years old. I'm a different man now, with different things to show."

Older and wiser, Patric definitely hopes not to repeat mistakes like his big-budget flop, Speed 2: Cruise Control. "That was just a read more

Men In Black: Back for Thirds?

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones may not be done kicking alien butt just yet: Columbia Pictures is itching to re-team the duo for a third Men In Black flick, TV Guide Online has learned. "The studio wants one," confirms Walter Parkes, the producer behind the 1997 blockbuster and last summer's sequel. "We're trying to figure out the auspices of it and what to do to freshen that franchise up a little bit."

Translation: Despite grossing a respectable $190 million stateside, MIB II was a dud creatively — a fact even Parkes won't deny. "It was a heartbreaking thing," he sighs of the follow-up, which scored its biggest laughs courtesy of a talking pug named Frank. "There were many disagreements among the read more

Bonnie Hunt Stretches Her Muscles

Bonnie Hunt's third sitcom effort has done what the others (The Building and Bonnie) couldn't — get asked back for a second season! Of course, the return of ABC's Life with Bonnie — Sept. 26 at 9:30 pm/ET — is no surprise. Much like Hunt herself, the show is smart, funny, and well, just plain affable.

Affability is a good quality to have when juggling the craziness of both home and work life. In the season premiere, Bonnie's two worlds collide when a persnickety co-worker (David Allen Grier) loses his home in a fire, then moves in with her and ends up ruling the roost. Meanwhile, during an exercise segment on her talk show, Bonnie faces a feisty fitness guru — the legendary Jack La Lanne playing himself — who takes quite an interest in the TV hostess's, um, form.

"Jack, I hate to say it, but I forgot my panties," explains the skirt-adorned Hunt as La Lanne insists she lift her leg read more

O.C. Vixen the Next Katie, Not Tori

Some O.C. cast members would sooner drink Coppertone than hear one more time how much their prime-time soap resembles its Fox forebear, Beverly Hills, 90210. But Rachel Bilson? She isn't one of 'em. "It's so flattering!" the actress exclaims to TV Guide Online. "I grew up on 90210. I was addicted to it!" Just don't call her character, ice princess Summer, the O.C.'s answer to Donna Martin.

"I don't want to be the Donna!" she says, mock pouting. "Nothing against Tori Spelling, but Summer affiliates more with Kelly (Jennie Garth) at the beginning of 90210, when she was the BMW-drivin' bad girl. Donna was way more innocent." And the buxom virgin stayed that way for — gulp! — years. "No, no, no, no!" Bilson squeals. "That is not the case with my character at all!"

Down the line, however, the L.A. native hopes that her star will align less with sitcom scene-stealer Garth's and more with that of a certa read more

Frasier Wedding Mystery

Buzz that Frasier will cap its 11-year run in May by throwing a wedding for Kelsey Grammer's lovelorn shrink has everyone speculating about the identity of the future Mrs. Crane. Well, we can pretty much tell you who the radio caregiver won't be exchanging I-do's with: his trusty producer Roz (Peri Gilpin), who, in last May's finale, quit KACL in a jealous rage over her boss's romance with Julia (Felicity Huffman).

"I'll tell you the truth," Grammer confides to TV Guide Online. "We've never actually seen [Frasier and Roz] as the ultimate relationship. It never seemed like the right place to go. But they certainly are the best of friends — and we'll restore that."

But first, the tension created by Roz's lingering feelings will be dealt with in the Sept. 23 season premiere. "We will explore some of the psychological underpinnings as to why Roz acted that way," explains exec producer Christopher Lloyd. "But as far as an read more

Julianne Moore: A Big-Screen Betty Crocker?

In one of a number of heartbreaking vignettes in the Golden Globe-nominated feature The Hours, downtrodden 1950s housefrau Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) decides that the way to her man's heart is through his stomach. Unfortunately, she quickly discovers that baking him a birthday cake isn't as easy as pie.

As a matter of fact, shooting the scene was no cakewalk, either, even with a number of cooks in the kitchen. "We had lots of discussions about what the bad cake should look like versus the good cake [that Laura eventually produces]," Moore tells TV Guide Online. "And [there was talk like], 'Don't be too ridiculous about how bad the bad cake is,' because I make cakes, and I know what a bad cake looks like. I also know what a good cake looks like. They have this thing called the crumb layer, so the read more

Celebs Pick Best and Worst of 2002!

As the feud between Eminem and Moby has taught us, there's nothing more fun than watching celebs pick on each other! Surely 2003 will bring its own share of Hollywood hullabaloo, but first, TV Guide Online asked the stars to review 2002. Looking back on their fellow entertainers' projects and personalities, we asked which they loved the best — and deemed the worst! (Watch your back, Anna Nicole!)

Andy Richter (Andy Richter Controls the Universe)
Best: The Others with Nicole Kidman. It had a great twist ending that I didn't see coming. Oh, damn it, that's 2001. Well, you can just say my show is the best then.
Worst: How about those Subway commercials with that guy who's sort of the love child of Denis Leary and Dennis Miller? Why does he give a s--t what anybody else eats for fast food? He's so smug a read more

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