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Alias's Jennifer Garner is replacing Gwyneth Paltrow in the upcoming indie flick Happy Endings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paltrow is seeking time off to grieve the loss of her father, producer/director Bruce Paltrow, who died last October while she was shooting Ted and Sylvia. Lisa Kudrow will also star in the comedy, which is set to shoot this summer in Los Angeles. read more


Tonight Show host Jay Leno has apologized to a Kentucky physician for joking that the guy looks like Adolph Hitler. During his regular bit where he spoofs newspaper ads, Leno pointed to a photo of Dr. Ricky Collins, wisecracking, "He's no longer the chancellor of Germany. He's now a doctor." After Mrs. Collins called NBC to complain, Leno phoned them personally to make nice, and even donated $500 to the doc's favorite charity. read more


Sounds like Dharma & Greg and Chicago Hope star Thomas Gibson is hoping to return to TV. "I ran into [CBS chief] Les Moonves on the golf course the other day," the 39-year-old actor tells TV Guide Online, "and he asked me if I'm ready to do another series. I said, 'Absolutely.' I pitched a series called CSI: Pebble Beach to him — I don't know if that's gonna fly. I was just kidding, but I do think TV's where it's happening. I'm open to either a comedy or drama. I took a meeting with NBC last summer, and they were interested as well. We'll see what happens." Meanwhile, look for Gibson in the mad scientist thriller Evil Never Dies, airing June 1 on TBS. read more


People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People issue hits newsstands today. It's no surprise to see Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and, of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, on the list... Disney is already planning a sequel to The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which opens in theaters today... Busta Rhymes took the witness stand yesterday in Fall River, Mass., to defend himself against charges of assault. read more


The creator of ABC's late sitcom Grace Under Fire is suing the show's producers for his share of the profits. According to the court papers, Chuck Lorre claims he lost millions of dollars because Carsey-Werner-Mandabach had to pay off crew members sexually harassed and verbally abused by star Brett Butler. Sounds like that was a fun show to work on. read more


President Bush's address to the nation tonight is wreaking havoc on NBC and CBS's Must-See Thursday night lineups. The 9 pm/ET speech — in which Dubya will declare the end of major combat in Iraq — is expected to run for 20 minutes and delay the start of top-10 staples Will & Grace and CSI. read more

Mummy Star Takes Twisted Turn

As Brendan Fraser's leading lady in the Mummy movies, British beauty Rachel Weisz won moviegoers' hearts. In The Shape of Things (opening May 9), she's the object of Friends star Paul Rudd's affection. Unfortunately, her character gives his a major makeover — from hopeless geek to preppie chic — for all the wrong reasons.

"I think anybody who's been in a relationship and says that they haven't tried to change their partner in any way would be lying," Weisz tells TV Guide Online. "I think everybody does it.

"It can start with something really benign and silly," she adds. "Like, 'I prefer it when you wear the brown sweater to the blue sweater' or 'Maybe you should get your hair cut.'" The desire to reshape othe read more


Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees will serve as guest judge on next week's Idol — to the apparent dismay of Simon Cowell. "I personally find it a bit insulting having celebrity judges on the show," the cranky Brit tells USA Today. "To me, it's our role and nobody else's to judge these kids, because we've chosen them from the beginning." Apparently, I wasn't the only one creeped out by Neil Sedaka Tuesday night. read more

Meet Cancun's Double Trouble

Extroverted identical twins Nicole and Roxanne Frilot fuel male fantasies with their wet T-shirtless performance in The Real Cancun. These Texas Tech sophomores say the folks back home in Albuquerque, N.M., aren't surprised by their wild antics. And if the self-proclaimed reality-TV addicts have their way, we've hardly seen the last of them. Here, they sit down with TV Guide Online to get even more revealing...

TV Guide Online: That was quite a wet T-shirt contest! Have you done anything like that before?
We're really bad. When we drink, the clothes come off. We can't control it. We're really comfortable being naked, but we never touch each other. I don't touch her, ever, ever. And I cannot believe when we saw that footage. That was the biggest thing about it, that we were [dancing topless] together.
Roxanne: But we're not even 100 percent comfortable with our bodies. So tha read more


Madonna's mammoth media blitz paid off on the album chart. Her new CD American Life debuted at No. 1 with 241,000 copies sold — a so-so opening when you consider her last effort, Music, moved 420,000 copies in its first week. Still, it was good enough to dethrone Kelly Clarkson, whose Thankful disc fell from first to third with sales of 134,000 copies. 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' was No. 2 with 142,000. Speaking of 50 Cent, the rapper has sold rights to his life story to MTV Books. read more

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