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Question: I'm trying to help ...

Question: I'm trying to help plan a 25th anniversary trip for my in-laws in late June to NYC, and one of the things both would enjoy is to be in the audience at the Letterman show. How does a person go about getting tickets? — Ed K., Madison, Wis.

Televisionary: Unfortunately, there are no Late Show with David Letterman tickets available for the near future, according to CBS. However, you can put your name in for consideration in case any spots open up by filling out this form on the network's site.

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Question: A friend of mine ...

Question: A friend of mine and I were talking about how much money stars and show creators make these days and I was amazed at how the stars of Friends are getting $1 million an episode. He said that's nothing compared to what you can make in syndication. How does that work? And isn't that why Bill Cosby's so rich? — Phil H., Storrs, Conn.


In a word? Yes. And while you have to remember that Cosby wasn't exactly poor by mere mortal standards when The Cosby Show first hit NBC's schedule in the fall of 1984, he walked away with a much fatter wallet.

There are a lot of ways to make money in this business and starring on a hit show for straight pay is one of them. (Just ask Frasier's Kelsey read more

Question: I have heard that ...

Question: I have heard that Enterprise is being cancelled after season one. Is this true? — David D., Eaton Rapids, Mich.

Televisionary: No.

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This Boy Scares Hugh Grant

Nicholas Hoult — the 12-year-old star of About a Boy (opening Friday) — admits he's always been a fan of co-star Hugh Grant. Before meeting him, Hoult imagined the famous Briton must be just like his charming character in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

"I expected Hugh to be an old-fashioned English gentleman," says Hoult, who's previously done TV and theater across the pond. "I only saw Bridget Jones's Diary after I met him."

Watching Grant's wicked turn in Diary probably would have worsened the lad's jitters. Little did he know the superstar was even more intimidated by the prospect of acting opposite a child!

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ABC's new fall schedule — also slated to be unveiled tomorrow — is being kept under wraps, but USA Today reports that Philly, Spin City, The Job and Dharma & Greg are goners. read more

The 10 Best Mary Tyler Moores Ever!

Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat high in the air in 1970, but it didn't "land" until seven successful seasons later. Now, 25 years after the last original episode aired, CBS presents The Mary Tyler Moore Reunion (tonight, 10 pm/ET), a retrospective which includes appearances by all cast members except the late Ted Knight. "We all got nice, warm feelings flooding through us [from reminiscing again]," says Cloris Leachman, who played high-maintenance Phyllis Lindstrom. "There are wonderful, favorite lines and moments. You warm to each one every time; it's new again." You can still catch the "original" Mary and Co. every day at 10 am/ET on TV Land. Here are our picks for the ten best episodes from one of the top comedies read more

Rupert Everett's Least Fave Thing

Rupert Everett charmed his way into America's hearts by "saying a little prayer" in My Best Friend's Wedding — but no divine intervention could save his alterna-family film, The Next Best Thing. "In defense of its critics," he says, "it certainly wasn't how I wanted it to be."

The British wit signed on to Madonna's ill-reviewed flick with good intentions. In fact, he even attempted to work on it behind the scenes. "At one point, I was the writer and the producer," the 42-year-old explains. "I was barred from being both of them. It was a disappointing thing for me, because it was the first film that I had really started off being kind of in control of."

One of Everett's major complaints about Thing — the tale of a gay man and a straight read more


Spider-Man's got legs! The blockbuster comic book flick broke more records in its second weekend of release, grossing another $72 million and crossing the $200 million mark faster than any film in history. It notched the best second weekend ever, surpassing the $57.5 million Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone conjured up over the same period. (For more on Harry, see below.) After ten days in theaters, Tobey Maguire and Co. have spun a staggering $223.6 million. Despite Spider-Man's dominance, the Richard Gere-Diane Lane infidelity thriller opened at No. 2 with a titillating $14.2 million. read more


Where were Dionne Warwick's psychic friends when she needed them? The Grammy-winning singer was arrested Sunday when security screeners at Miami International Airport allegedly found marijuana inside her lipstick container. The 61-year-old was charged with possession of less than five grams of marijuana. After signing an affidavit promising to appear in court, she was released. read more


Tobey Maguire is wasting no time spending his Spider-Man loot. The 26-year-old actor has purchased his first home, a $3.7 million, 5,000 square-foot crash pad in Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles Times reports. read more

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