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Question: I recently heard a ...

Question: I recently heard a musical group on The Tonight Show, but missed their name. It aired Oct. 7 and James Van Der Beek was also on. Maybe I don't know how to search such things on the computer very well, but I've been on The Tonight Show and TV Guide websites and so far have not come close to finding anything out. Help! Thank you big time. — Greg P., San Francisco, Cal.

Televisionary: The band in question is Queens of the Stone Age. You can find out more about them here.

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Question: Who was the actress ...

Question: Who was the actress who played opposite George C. Scott in East Side/West Side in the 1960s? — Tom R., Berlin, Md.

Televisionary: You're probably thinking of Elizabeth Wilson, who was Scott's boss at the New York welfare agency that served as the setting for the series, which debuted on CBS in 1963. Either that or you mean Cicely Tyson, who played the agency's secretary.

East Side/West Side left the air after only a season, most likely because '60s-era viewers didn't take to realistic (for the time) portrayals of real urban social problems. Learning from the experience, Scott went on to big-screen stardom in such relentlessly upbeat fare as Rage read more

Question: I have a simple ...

Question: I have a simple question about who has been on more TV Guide covers. I have a dinner riding on this. My friend says Mary Tyler Moore. I say Lucille Ball. Who is right? — Richard, Dallas, Pa.

Televisionary: You are, Mr. Freebie Diner. And if your pal won't take my word for it, humiliate the unlucky lad or lass by going to our wondrous Cover Gallery and searching on both names.

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A WB spokesperson confirms to TV Guide Online that a line of dialogue from last Tuesday's episode of Gilmore Girls was dubbed over at the last minute as a result of the recent terrorist attack in Bali. In the scene, which was shot well before the Oct. 12 disco bombing that left more than 180 people dead, Lauren Graham's character Lorelai tells daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) that her wealthy new crush just flew in from Bali. However, thanks to looping, producers were able to change the line from Bali to Maui. Unfortunately, the final product was rather sloppy: Astute viewers could clearly tell that Graham's mouth did not line up with the word she was uttering. Still, props to the WB for taking the sensitive road. A network spokesperson refused further comment. read more


The Winona Ryder saga took another turn for the bizarre on Friday when former Sony Pictures head Peter Guber was selected as one of the jurors in the actress's shoplifting trial. Also among the 12-person jury: A TV producer and a Sony legal secretary. Opening arguments begin today. read more


Harland Braun, the lawyer who has represented Robert Blake since his wife was murdered last year, resigned as the actor's attorney Monday. According to The Associated Press, Braun was miffed that the former Baretta star granted a jailhouse interview with ABC News's Diane Sawyer. "I think it's insane for a person charged with a crime to go on camera to answer questions about the case," he said. "No lawyer in the country would allow a defendant to do this." read more

Revisiting Dallas: Southfork Role Call

Ever since we caught wind of 20th Century Fox's plans to remake Dallas for the big screen, we haven't been able to stop trying to imagine which wannabe Ewings could possibly fill the Stetsons and cowboy boots of the CBS series' original 1978-91 cast. Who, we wondered, really, truly deserves to take a shot at J.R. Ewing — er, that is, at the role of J.R.? Well, darlin', why don't you just fire up the barbecue, kick back and read on for a spell? TV Guide Online has picked the perfect performers to play not only the oiliest tycoon this side of Kenneth Lay, but his feudin' family, too.

George Clooney as J.R.: We always thought there was an inappropriately devilish gleam in ER doc Doug Ross's eye. Plus, casting this matinee idol as the two-timing Texa read more

Farewell to Harry Potter Star Richard Harris

On Friday, Richard Harris — who starred as Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and the upcoming sequel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (opening Nov. 15) — died peacefully in a London hospital. The 72-year-old acting vet — an Oscar nominee for 1990's The Field — had recently been undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of Hodgkin's disease.

In an interview conducted just a few days before Harris's passing, Harry Potter director Chris Columbus told TV Guide Online that the feisty Irishman's will to live was strong. "I saw Richard a coup read more


Comic Christopher Titus, whose self-titled Fox sitcom was axed in May after three seasons, is developing a new hour-long buddy drama for NBC. Titus — who first revealed his dramatic ambitions to TV Guide Online in July — will star in and produce the series. His dream co-star? John Leguizamo. read more


Nearly a dozen people attending a Bow Wow concert Saturday night in Minneapolis were hospitalized with minor injuries after a floor railing gave way. The railing snapped as fans pressed forward when the teen rap star worked his way into the crowd. read more

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