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Former X-Files UFO chaser David Duchovny will guest star on Bonnie Hunt's new ABC sitcom Life With Bonnie, TV Guide Online has learned. He'll play an egotistical weatherman who appears on Bonnie's fictional morning talk show over-selling his rinky-dink short film. Duchovny starred in the Hunt-directed pic, Return To Me. read more

Question: What's the music in ...

Question: What's the music in the Volkswagen commercial where the guy rushes to stop a wedding? Please answer this. That is some of the most beautiful music I've heard in a long time! Thanks a million. — Kristi, Moultrie, Ga.

Televisionary: Well, I thought for sure I'd answered this one before, but couldn't find evidence of that. (It's tough to suffer from a rusty memory when you write a nostalgia column, believe me.) The song in question is J. Ralph's "One Million Miles Away." According to the musician's official Web site, the album containing it is sold out. He says he's waiting to line up another pressing, but it looks like it can also be found as a hidden track on Music to Mauzner By, a CD Ralph was also behind. In the meantime, you can watch the ad online at Volkswagen's site

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Question: Hi there. Why is ...

Question: Hi there. Why is there never any mention of the TV show I Married Joan? I think it starred Jim Backus and Joan (I can't remember her last name). I know I didn't dream this show because I can still remember part of the title song: "I married Joan. What a girl, what a whirl, what a wife." Thanks. — Brandon

Televisionary: Why isn't there ever any mention? Hey, my unearthly TV powers don't include clairvoyance, Brandon — you gotta ask first.

I Married Joan, which ran on NBC from October 1952 to April 1955, starred Joan Davis as the daffy Joan Stevens. As you say, Jim Backus (Gilligan's Island) was her husband Bradley, a judge who used stories about his relationship with his wife to help solve the problems of those who app read more

Question: My husband is ...

Question: My husband is looking for information on an actress popular during the 1970s named Misty Rowan. Apparently she was on Hee Haw and some other series, the title of which he has forgotten. Can you help? — Elizabeth, Columbus, Ohio

Televisionary: Sure can. The main reason he probably can't find any information on her is that her name is Misty Rowe. A Hee Haw regular from 1972-91, she also appeared on Happy Days, Hee Haw Honeys and Joe's World and played Maid Marian to Dick Gautier's Robin Hood on Mel Brooks's When Things Were Rotten.

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Question: My husband and I ...

Question: My husband and I are totally addicted to The Sopranos. Where are the new ones? — Karen M., Hamilton, Ont., Canada

Televisionary: Patience, Karen. The fourth season of HBO's hit mob drama kicks off September 15.

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Question: Wasn't there a ...

Question: Wasn't there a Hanna Barbera cartoon titled Roman Holiday, which was like the The Flintstones, only it was set during the period of the Roman Empire? No one I know remembers it and I am now wondering if I just dreamed up the whole thing when I was a kid. Please let me know that I was not crazy after all! — Julien N.

Televisionary: As I've said many times in this column before, Julien, I'm not permitted to rule either way on the sanity of my readers. All I can do is light a small candle rather than curse your darkness, and hope my TV-related healing does the rest.

Hanna-Barbera, the cartoon factory behind The Flintstones and The Jetsons, only produced Roman Holidays from 1972-73, but the show developed a small following just the same. As yo read more

Question: Whose sidekick was ...

Question: Whose sidekick was Mingo (Ed Ames)? — Lynne E., Florence, Ore.

Televisionary: The erudite Native American Mingo, who was Harvard educated, was sidekick to Daniel Boone (Fess Parker) for all but the last two years of the show's 1964-70 run on NBC, Lynne. And if Ames had had his way, it would've been shorter.

You see, the actor and vocalist, who first made his name as part of the singing Ames Brothers, reluctantly signed onto the show because it was a steady gig. After first cutting his acting teeth on stage in such shows as The Crucible, The Fantasticks and Carnival and then opposite Kirk Douglas in the play version of read more


NBC has ordered an additional 13 episodes of its summer reality hit Dog Eat Dog to air at midseason... Singer-songwriter-actress Jewel and her manager-mother Lenedra Carroll have formed a production company, Magic Lantern Entertainment. The duo's first acquisition: the ensemble drama Wave, in which Jewel will star... Cable network FX is developing a drama series based on the 1998 Robert De Niro feature Ronin, Variety reports... American Pie's Seann William Scott will return for the upcoming third installment, which begins filming in January. Other Pie regulars are also expected back... Showtime has greenlit an original movie about New York's Crown Heights riots. read more


Here's your chance to eat like a mobster: HBO is planning a gourmet food line inspired by The Sopranos. The products — available on beginning next month — will include marinara sauce, pasta, salad dressing and frozen pizza. What's more, Warner Books will publish The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco, featuring southern Italian-style recipes from the fictional owner of the Nuovo Vesuvio restaurant. read more

Boston Public's New Kid on the Block

Fresh from doing tick, tick... Boom! off Broadway, Joey McIntyre has moved to L.A. to join the cast of Boston Public. It's a culture shock for the New Kids on the Block star to leave his beloved Boston for the Santa Monica beach. But hey, he still gets to play a Beantown boy on TV.

"I've been acting since I was a kid, but I figured I'd stay in New York or Boston," the 29-year-old crooner says. "I wasn't going to come out here lookin' for a gig, but I came out here for a day and did the audition for Boston Public. I was just really excited that I got it — I'm from Boston, so it's really exciting to be able to represent!"

This fall, McIntyre will be the latest Public pedagogue to surprise the school with an unusual take on teaching. As he explains: "I play Colin Flynn, who's a young teacher who dresses like a student and lets the kids call him by his first name. He tries to re read more

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