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Five months after winning the best director Oscar for The Pianist, Roman Polanski finally is clutching his golden boy. Longtime friend Harrison Ford presented the controversial helmer with the statue Sunday at the Deauville film festival in France. Polanski did not attend the March 23 Oscars because he faces arrest in the U.S. after pleading guilty in 1978 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. In related news, Polanski is reteaming with Pianist screenwriter Ronald Harwood for a feature adaptation of Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist, Variety reports. read more


A Minnesota jury on Monday cleared spooky rocker Marilyn Manson of battery at a concert three years ago, when he stuck his crotch in a security guard's face without at least buying him dinner first. David Diaz's suit sought more than $75,000 for emotional distress and other injuries. read more


On last night's bloated two-hour finale of For Love or Money, love won out over cash — or did it? Erin chose Chad, and he rejected his $1 million prize and accepted her romantic gesture. But in the end, they both walked away with $1 million apiece. Make sense? No? Didn't think so. If anyone can help explain this all to me, I'd be mighty appreciative. read more

Will Ben and J.Lo Give in to Temptation?

As their eagerly-anticipated wedding approaches, we can't help but think that media mainstays Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would benefit from some prenup counseling. And where better for a couple on the verge to go over the edge than on national television, right? That's why we're dying — dying! — for the soon-to-be marrieds to drop in on Mark L. Walberg and turn Temptation Island into Fantasy Island.

"There is no question in my mind that that would be a very watchable television show," the reality host tells TV Guide Online, adding with a laugh, "Bookable is another story."

On the flip side, Walberg suggests that, after seeing the Gigli co-stars smile from the covers of hundreds of magazine and walk a thousand red carpets, their public may not be ready to hear them air their true confessions. "I don't know if I would be as interested," he says, "in seeing celebrities sit there and whine abou read more

Fear Factor Chandra ate 10 live...

Fear Factor
Chandra ate 10 live slugs and drank cow bile. Girlfriend worked hard for her money, OK?

For Love or Money 2: The Finale
Don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit pimped. NBC strung us along for almost two hours just to find out Erin picked Chad and that the fool chose her over the money. All those shots of the boys walking, deep in thought around the mansion grounds. Oh, the soft-focused flashback scenes! ("Remember when we first met on the veranda. When I was guy seven of 15... ") Now don't go getting your panties in a bunch. I want love to win just as much as anybody else. But come on now. Nobody believes the love between Erin and Chad. (Or the "falling in love," as Erin said.) Hell, I don't even think Chad believes. That boy just gambled that someway, somehow he could get the lady and the loot. And he did. More power to him.

The Pizza Hut Commercial
I read more


NBC closed a groundbreaking deal with Australia's Network Ten on Monday to produce an Aussie version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy... Fox has greenlit The Circuit, an hour drama that will explore the legal system through the eyes of a Big Apple jury... Reality guru Mark Burnett is developing a spinoff of The Restaurant that would chronicle the behind-the-scenes drama at a Las Vegas casino. Rumor has it all slot machines will come equipped with fly swatters. read more


Jane Fonda is in talks to make her big-screen comeback playing the title role New Line's Monster-In-Law. Jennifer Lopez would co-star as a young woman who must reconsider her engagement when confronted with her diabolical future mother-in-law, played by Fonda. read more


Wham-O Inc., the company that produces the famous outdoor water toy Slip 'N Slide, is suing Viacom Inc., claiming its trademarked yellow water slide was used prominently in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star without its permission. In one scene, David Spade's character injures himself after jumping belly first across a dry Slip 'N Slide. Ouch! read more


Xena Warrior Princess is coming out of retirement to save someone else's butt — and what a nice butt it is. Lucy Lawless is joining the cast of the WB's upcoming fall drama Tarzan. She'll play publishing magnate Kathleen Clayton, the loincloth-wearin' hottie's aunt. (In case you've been jungle-bound, Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel will be the one sporting said loincloth.) Lawless's character will be at odds with her older brother Richard (Mitch Pileggi), who wants to use Tarzan for evil. Bottom line: Kathleen good, Richard bad, Tarzan hot. read more


The parents of late R&B singer/actress Aaliyah have settled their negligence lawsuit against the owners of the chartered Cessna that crashed two years ago, killing their daughter and eight others. The plane was allegedly 700 pounds overloaded. Details of the settlement were not disclosed. read more

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