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Question: Are the Mastersons ...

Question: Are the Mastersons on Malcolm in the Middle and That '70s Show related? — La Trecha L., Cleveland, Ohio

Televisionary: That they are. Danny Masterson (That '70s Show's Hyde) is the older brother of Chris (Malcolm's Francis).

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Question: My daughter is ...

Question: My daughter is getting married, and I saw the Friends episode where Monica is walking down the aisle to a Beatles song. I can't remember what the song was. Please help me ASAP because I think my daughter would like to use that song in her upcoming May wedding. — Angela L., Edgartown, Mass.

Televisionary: Fair enough, Angela, but I expect a slice of cake. You'll want to dig up a copy of Paul McCartney's "My Love," which he recorded with Wings rather than the Fab Four. You can find it on several of his greatest-hits collections. And if you're really a Friends fan, you can have the groom walk down the aisle to Phil Collins's "A Groovy Kind of Love," read more

Question: After reading your ...

Question: After reading your answer about Donna Reed's name, I don't want to bog you down with another real-name question. But I want to know. What was the real name of Chad Everett, the star of Medical Center? (I'll admit I already know. I just want to see if you do.) — Ann F., Kellogg, Idaho

Televisionary: Oh, Ann. Don't you realize that I only allow myself to be baited when I know I can give you far more on the given topic than you already know — and maybe far more than you want to know?

Everett, who co-starred with James Daly on the hit CBS doc drama for seven years beginning in September 1969, was born Ray Cr read more

Remembering NBC News's David Bloom

Late NBC newsman David Bloom — who died April 6 of a pulmonary embolism while in Iraq covering the war — made quite an impression on his superiors when he first went to work at the network in 1993. "It was apparent to us from the start that there was something very special about this guy," says NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker, who was a producer at the Today show during Bloom's early days at the Peacock. "He was only 28 years-old at the time, and there was something very magnetic about him. He was a terrific reporter, and he grew to become the best reporter of his generation."

To say that the 39-year-old Bloom was enthusiastic about his job would be an understatement, laughs Zucker. "I remember when he was White House correspondent, and I was producing the Today show, he did a report live from the front lawn and just went on and on and on, and wouldn't shut up. I told him afterwards, 'David, if I wanted a soliloquy, I would read more


David E. Kelley has penned an episode of The Practice to air in May that could serve as the show's season or series finale, the New York Post reports. Titled "Goodbye," the episode apparently has Dylan McDermott's lead character quitting the firm and leaving his wife. There's nothing like ending on an up note. read more


Leslie Moonves has signed a new five-year deal to remain as president, savior and CEO of CBS... Comedian Jeffrey Ross will succeed Chuck Barris as host of the WB's upcoming Gong Show revival. read more


The big-screen adaptation of Knight Rider is speeding toward the finish line. Revolution Studios has hired scribes David Elliott and Paul Lovett to pen the script for the action film, which is based on the 1980s TV series about a nutjob who talks to his car. read more

West Wing Rocked by Chandlergate!

Matthew Perry will never forget where he was when war in Iraq broke out. "I was sitting in a replica of the Oval Office," marvels the Friends cut-up, who was taping his two-episode West Wing stint (airing April 23 and 30) at the time. "It was very surreal. Things got very quiet and tense, and it [became] difficult to work."

Just when Perry needed a Friend most, his witty, downwardly-mobile sitcom alter ego, Chandler, was MIA. As the 33-year-old actor points out, his WW character — up-and-coming legal eagle Joe Quincy — shares no traits with Monica's better half "other than that we kind of look alike. [Joe]'s a brilliant lawyer with every option at his feet; he's not Chandler."

And Perry couldn't be any happier about it. With the Friends cast go read more


Patrons eating at Koi Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles Thursday night were treated to a surprise floor show: A nasty altercation between Sharon Osbourne and an ICM agent named after a diet soft drink. Osbourne and Renee Tab — who have been feuding since January over whether Tab belonged at an Osbourne party where she won a $15,000 necklace — allegedly got into a brawl that landed Ozzy's more eccentric half in the emergency room. Sharon's rep says her client was "viciously assaulted," while Tab's attorney claims Sharon "started with spitting on her and calling her names." A police investigation is underway. Early word is that both ladies will be charged with acting like 12-year-old girls. read more


Remember how Tobey Maguire's back problems nearly forced Spider-Man 2 producers to find a new web-slinger? Well, the real story is just now coming out — and it's juicy! According to Variety, Columbia Pictures — frustrated with Maguire's "behavior during pre-production" (he allegedly used his achy back as a ploy to get a list of demands met) — decided the actor's conduct was endangering the film, and chose to recast the role with Jake Gyllenhaal (The Good Girl). However, Maguire's team of agents stepped in at the last minute and saved the day — but apparently not to the star's satisfaction. Maguire, who started filming Spidey 2 over the weekend, is currently looking for new representation. read more

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