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SpongeBob SquarePants better watch his back! Last Friday night at 8:30 pm/ET, Nickelodeon scored its highest-ever ratings for a series premiere with Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Nick credits last fall's popular Neutron feature film with boosting the cartoon's successful debut (4.3 million viewers). read more

Goldie Hawn on the Go-Go!

One of Hollywood's busiest bees, Goldie Hawn never stops producing honey. Recently, she's made issue-oriented TV movies like The Matthew Shepard Story and When Billie Beat Bobby. Now, Hawn says she's written a feature film and a documentary about "the search for joy around the world." Plus, the 56-year-old actress hints: "I'm writing a book — but I'm not going to talk about that."

Kurt Russell's longtime lover says "sustaining my own personal happiness" is what keeps her so driven. "My goals are so lofty," she laughs, "I wish Kurt would drag me into his boat and take me away. But if we're not inspired, what are we?"

Lately, Hawn has felt inspired by daughter Kate Hudson's Oscar-nominated turn read more

Formula One: Time Travel Returns!

The fall TV season has only just begun, yet you might well find yourself crying, "Reruns already?!" Why? Although ABC's That Was Then and WB's Do Over differ a bit in tone — the former is earnest to a fault; the latter, sweetly goofy — the comedies have the same premise: grownup gets zapped back to the 1980s to relive his adolescence. And the parallels go way beyond greed-decade music cues and retro fashions.

Hapless hero: Travis, an almost-30-year-old door salesman, wonders, "Is it wrong when an 11-year-old is cooler than you?"
Shock treatment: Travis wakes up in 1988 after lightning sends a jolt of electricity through his stereo headphones.
Dorky sidekick: Travis breaks it to tress-obsessed chub Pinkus that he eventually goes bald.
Dream girl: A poster of Heather Thomas hangs on Travi read more

Miami: TV's Fave New Town!

Despite their similar-sounding titles, it's unlikely that TV viewers will confuse CSI: Miami with Good Morning, Miami. The former is CBS's much-anticipated CSI spin-off starring David Caruso; the latter is NBC's new sitcom with Suzanne Pleshette. Still, one guy seems confused...

"CSI? I don't know what that is," jokes David Kohan, who co-created GMM with his Will & Grace partner, Max Mutchnick. "Honestly, we don't think about it. The title is there, and now all we have to do is make sure that our show is good. That's all we can concentrate on."

Fortunately, the city of Miami, Fla., s read more


Actor Jason Ritter — who currently appears in the nation's No. 1 film Swimfan — has replaced Brad Renfro as the lead in Freddy vs. Jason. Creative differences reportedly led to Renfro's exit. read more


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has selected Oprah Winfrey as the first recipient of its new Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. Tom Hanks will present Winfrey with the honor at the 54th annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony Sept. 22. read more


George Lucas announced Monday that he plans to remaster Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones to be shown in IMAX theaters beginning Nov. 1. "You couldn't find a movie better suited for the IMAX format," said 20th Century Fox exec Bruce Snyder. Ron Howard's Apollo 13 is the first film to be digitally remastered for IMAX screens. Apollo 13 — The IMAX Experience premieres Friday in Los Angeles. read more


Folk singer Gordon Lightfoot, who was hospitalized Saturday in Ontario, underwent stomach surgery for an unspecified ailment Sunday. The 63-year-old "If You Could Read My Mind" crooner remains in intensive care, but is said to be doing better. read more


It's official: 'N Sync singer Lance Bass has been grounded. The Russian Space Agency informed NASA via fax on Monday that the 23-year-old won't be flying to the international space station next month. Producers promoting Bass's space journey failed to come up with the $20 million fare. read more


According to reports, a dizzy spell is what caused comedian Jerry Lewis to drop out of a London charity performance Sunday night. The 76-year-old — who is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis — is planning to return to the U.S. read more

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